Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts
February 14, 2018

Lou & Grey Heart Sweater


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday. This sweater has been on major repeat this week (pretty sure I have worn it three times already). While I mentioned yesterday that Matt and I tend to keep things simple for Valentine’s Day, I thought it would still be fun to add a few last minute gift ideas that you can pick up or do today just incase you are down to the wire. I am planning to incorporate #2 into something for Matt, he always goes above and beyond doing things for me and I don’t always do the best job of doing something for him in return. It is hard to remember that the little stuff can mean the most!

  1. A massage – Whether you decide to do a couples massage or just gift one for another day, this is always such a great gift that everyone usually loves and can be bought last minute! While on the pricier side, Aire Ancient Baths in the city are incredible and you can add on the massage option as well (this was my gift to Matt for our one year anniversary).
  2. Do something special/meaningful for him/her – I know this can be easier said than done, but something so simple can be the best gift. For Matt, he works crazy hours and doesn’t always have time to keep his closet organized. Taking an hour out of my day to organize everything for him could be the perfect gift. Also, think of little things that can make their day so much easier. Bring their laundry to the dry cleaner, pick up or make their favorite desert, walk the dog all day, etc. Little things go such a long way.
  3. Movie tickets – This is the key to Matt’s heart. He is a movie junkie! Check around and see if there re any special theaters by you. I love going down to the iPic theater here in the city where you can enjoy a few drinks and dinner in your own “pod”  which have leather reclining chairs. It is a bit on the pricier side, but totally worth it!
  4. Cooking class – Okay okay, this may be one of MY favorite gifts, but it is still such a fun thing to do with someone special! It is so fun trying new recipes, sipping on some delicious wine and meeting other people in the city.
  5. Lounge wear – If all else fails or you are really stuck, lounge wear never fails. We love getting comfy after a long day and these lounge pants, this sweatshirt (on sale!) and these slippers are perfect!

Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

Heart Sweater

Last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas

Heart Sweater // Boyfriend Denim // Heels // Sunglasses // Earrings

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