3 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas
February 13, 2018

valentine's day outfit inspo

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to share three outfit ideas for you all that work for the holiday as well as any time of the year! Matt and I typically keep things pretty low key for Valentine’s Day. We enjoy cooking in, drinking some vino and watching a movie from our couch. Homemade pizza is typically our go-to move, we love picking up the dough and then some fun toppings to get creative with. We haven’t decided if that is what we want to do this year again, or I may pick up some fresh pasta from Eataly to bring home and make! Hadley typically gets spoiled with a few new toys and treats, but Matt and I just stick to cards. Anyone else enjoy keeping things simple or are you more of a go out and celebrate type of gal?! Either way, it is fun getting together and spending time with a loved one or even friends! I will never forget a Valentine’s Day in college where a bunch of us were all single so we decided to dress up fancy and all go to Wendy’s. Seriously one of the best memories, no one took the holiday seriously and we all enjoyed spending time with each other dipping our fries into our frosty…anyone else do that?! (This was the year before I met Matt!).


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Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas


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