January 4, 2018

A new year means new goals, right?! The top one on my list was to FINALLY complete my travel guide for Prague! I am beyond embarrassed on how long this has taken me, but hey, life happens. Anyways, you may or may not remember that this past fall Matt and I did another little Euro trip where we started in Budapest (and met his twin brother Mike) then went to Vienna and ended in Prague. It was one of my favorite trips and we certainly hit Prague at the right time as everything was peaking for fall foliage. The city itself is absolutely breathtaking and there is so much to see and do. Hopefully this travel guide will help you if you are thinking about or currently planning a trip here!

WHERE WE STAYED: Augustine, A Luxury Collection Hotel

As I have mentioned before on my travel posts, Matt and I decided to invest in an SPG Amex card awhile back and it has been one of the best decisions. We always try and save up our points for when we travel and use them on some of their most beautiful “boutique” hotels while abroad.

This property was located right over the Charles Bridge and the perfect walking distance to everything. The only time we caught a cab was to head to the airport on our last day. I instantly fell in love with the architecture throughout the hotel, from the wooden beams the lined the ceilings, to the windows places strategically so you can look out at the Prague Castle and the courtyards that created a private sanctuary and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Augustine Hotel Prague

Augustine, A Luxury Collection Hotel

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Luxury Prague Hotel

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Prague Castle – This was located on the same side of the Charles Bridge as our hotel making it really easy to get to (although there is a bit of a steep incline at parts). On our way up, almost at the top, we stopped for a bit to enjoy the most epic views of Prague. Ironically, the Starbucks at the top of the hill right before the castle gives you the best views of all. A lot of the castle was closed while we were there, but we spent a good bit of time walking the grounds, climbing the steps the the bell tower (which gave another amazing view) and watching the guards change shifts.

Walk around Old Town – A cobblestone hub in the middle of the city center. One of the main attractions we were told you can not miss is catching the “show” when the medieval Astronomical Clock changes on the hour, every hour. Each hour the clock brings out a combination of characters, but to completely honest (and hopefully not offensive) Matt and I both agreed we were underwhelmed by it all. My recommendation would be if you are near it close to the hour mark then check it out (you can’t miss the enormous crowd waiting), but if you aren’t near by no need to rush to it. This area is fun to walk around, pop in and out of the churches, shop and grab a cup of mulled wine from one of the local street vendors in the square. The one disappointment we had was the top of the clock (which you could hike up to for a great view) being under construction and closed.

Snack on a Tredlink pastry – These things are addicting!! You will see them all over the streets of Prague and they are made from rolled dough, grilled on a stick and topped with a sugar and walnut mix. You can also stuff them with chocolate (my preference) or gelato (wasn’t as good as I thought). Matt and I had our fair share, once you try one you will be hooked.

Beer Museum – Matt’s cousin and her husband recommended stopping by here and when we read the reviews on Yelp they were all great. Located in Old Town, you can purchase tickets to walk through the museum (super quick tour) and then your tickets also cover four beer tastings down in their cozy cellar. It was fun just to hang out, relax and enjoy a few drinks in a different way.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Colorful Prague buildings


Prague Flower Shop

Prague Castle View

Churches in Prague

Free People Sweater

Streets of Prague

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Best views in Prague

Prague Beer Museum

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Prague Beer Museum

Trdelink Pastry

Old Town Center Prague

Charles Bridge



Hemingway – This spot is a must for grabbing a delicious cocktail made with love. This cocktail bar focuses on infusing their drinks with either absinthe, run or champagne and each drink has the funkiest presentation. There was a bit of a line to get in, but it moved fast and is 100% worth the wait.

U Medvidku – Stop here to grab a beer or a traditional bite to eat. This brewery has some of the most historic roots in Prague and only serves one light and one dark beer.

Kampa Park – Matt had made reservations to eat here for our anniversary way in advance, and it truly was one of the yummiest meals with the most romantic view. Nestled right along the water, make sure you ask for the riverside terrace (it is closed in for the cooler months), you will have the most stunning view of the Charles bridge while you dine.

Ichnusa – One of our first meals in Prague and it was amazing. We had plans to try and get into another Italian restaurant, but sadly they were completely booked for the night. We ended up walking around the streets and stumbled upon this cozy, family Italian spot where everything from the people to the meal was incredible. You could tell it was a true local spot where not many tourists new about, which honestly is what Matt and I prefer.

Cafe Savory – We were told by friends (and a bunch of you all) over and over to check this spot out for brunch. While we did get in, we JUST missed the breakfast/brunch menu (which is my favorite) and had to select from the afternoon/dinner menu. Our meal was still delicious (I think I had some sort of cauliflower soup to start which was incredible), but the breakfast/brunch menu looked amazing and I was really wishing we had more time on this trip and could have gone back.

La Finestra – Last, but not least – I truly think Matt and I both agree this was the BEST meal of our entire trip! We popped in for a low-key lunch and left with our bellies full and pallets happy. Whatever you do, make sure you grab a bite to eat here! From the decor to the presentation and flavor of the foods, I am still dreaming about each dish (we had the best octopus I have ever had in my life). Don’t forget to wash down your meal with one of their white wines!


U Medvidku


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Kampa Park Prague

Beer Hall Prague

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U Medvidku

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