April 24, 2017

ikea pax wardrobe Happy Monday, everyone! I am so excited to kick of my home interior posts with one of my favorite rooms in our apartment, my “cloffice” (closet/office). This room took a few months of brain storming, creating a vision and then bringing it to life, but I am thrilled with how it all turned out. Living in New York City, I am used to small spaces and getting creative with what you have. I saw these PAX wardrobes from IKEA online and knew it would be the perfect solution to creating a functional, yet practical solution to storing some of my things and creating an inspiring work atmosphere.

After 5+ years in our old apartment, Matt and I were looking forward to finally acquiring a bit more space. Our last place was a triplex, with an extremely open concept, as in the only doors were the front door and the bathroom door. While I absolutely loved this space and the character it had, it was getting more and more difficult to focus and get work done with everything surrounding me. Needless to say, space was a bit of a priority for our move (and the main reason behind it) and we were lucky enough to stumble upon what we now call home. If a move for you isn’t possible but you need to save on space, you can have a look at office storage and appliances, by looking at sites like printers you’ll get an idea of how you can maximize the efficiency of the space that you can work with.

Since I digressed, back to the PAX wardrobe and how I designed and built it. From the day we could officially call this apartment ours, I started brainstorming and creating Pinterest boards for each room (here is my cloffice inspo board). What was the most helpful, was printing out pictures of the PAX wardrobes I have seen and liked, because you literally sit at a computer in IKEA and build every single detail virtually yourself (down to the width between each shelf). Coming from someone that is easily overwhelmed, I found the pictures to be super helpful and had one of the workers sit with me to quickly build the foundation. Neither Matt or I are very handy, so we opted to hire someone to have Ikea build it for us upon delivery. Although it is a bit pricey to have the installation, we would likely still be putting pieces together if we tried this ourselves, so I think it was 100% worth it.

As for the rest of the space, I knew I wanted a floating desk in the middle with a bit of a mid century modern feel, which flows with the rest of our apartment. Thinking I may need to pick up one of these cute pom-pom throws for over my chair and since I am always chilly! I tried to keep things clean and simple since I opted for an exposed wardrobe system. If you guys have any questions, I am happy to answer them and you can check out a few other sneak peeks of my apartment over on’s instagram today…I am taking it over!

closet organization

best fitting denim

chloe drew bag


closet ideas

mid century modern office

walk in closet

rod iron wardrobe rack

mid century modern closet


Wardrobe System is from IKEA (PAX Collection)

Books: Gypset Travel Book // Gypset Living Book // Gypset Style

Prints leaning against window: Print One // Print Two

Succulent on desk

Desk Chair

Pillow on chair

Floor Lamp

Book Ends

Industrial Storage Desk

Souk Wool Rug

Garment Rack

Gold Memo Holder

Puppy not for sale 😉

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