March 9, 2017

If you have been following me on this little piece of the big ole’ internet for awhile now, it comes to no surprise that I am passionate about eating well, keeping a clean diet (for the most part), and working out (even if that just means walking around the city). Since I put so much effort into making healthy choices with what I put into my body, I have been trying to do the same with products I use around the house, my skin care and even make-up routine. Even though our family is small for now (just Matt, Hads and myself), I know kids are in our future and I want to ensure I create the healthiest and safest environment for them.

A little while back, my girlfriend from college (one of my sorority sisters) reconnected with me to introduce Beautycounter and how it has impacted her life, especially after becoming a mom. I was instantly intrigued, as I made a promise to myself in this new year to start trying more natural and organic skin care products. When you think of the bigger picture, we take so much time trying to treat out skin and bodies right, why cover all that up with harsh chemicals and products? Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into everyone’s hands and to share the knowledge about all the chemicals that are in a lot of our everyday products. If you are curious like me, I recently downloaded the app “Think Dirty” which allows you to scan all sorts of products and it rates their level of “dirtiness”. I found this helpful, especially with things I would have considered “safe”.


So, shall we get to it?! Here is what I tried and my thoughts:

Balancing Face Oil – The dropper makes this easy to apply and you only need a small amount to cover your face and neck. I was hesitant of face oils for awhile as I thought they may lead to break outs, but have been pleasantly surprised and found out they actually help balance your skin!

Beautycounter Face Oil

Rejuvenating Day Cream – A little bit goes a long way! This moisturizer is light and rich all at the same time and I felt as if my face just drinks it in. The only downside is that I typically try and use a face cream with SPF and I am not sure if this has that. Otherwise, I was a big fan and will probably continue to use this combined with something with UV protection.

Beautycounter Rose Hand Soap

Rose Hand Soap – To be honest I have never been a big bar of soap type of gal and have always preferred the pump kind. With that being said, I did enjoy using this soap followed by the lotion that came in the Starter Kit.

Beautycounter Favorites

Cleansing Balm – Hands down my absolute favorite! I chatted about my new found discovery of cleansing balm on Snapchat not too long ago and this one in particular surpasses all expectations and removes every last little bit of makeup, but also hydrates my skin so my face isn’t left feeling dried out.

Chemical Free Skincare

Starter Kit (see first photo) – I absolutely loved this kit due to my busy travel schedule lately. Everything that comes inside is travel size and can easily be tossed into your suitcase when hitting the road. It comes with all your staples so you can literally grab it and go. Here is what comes inside:

Shampoo, Conditioner + Body Wash

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa

Beautycounter Starter Kit

Overall I absolutely loved these products and what I think I enjoyed most was knowing that I was putting clean, safe products on my skin. I would be lying if I didn’t say I am so excited to try out their baby line one day and next on my list is going to be their make-up! Would love to hear your thoughts if you all have used Beautycounter before, what your experiences have been with their products and any favorites you may have! I am leaving a link to my friend Whitney’s consultant page if you are interested in trying any products out for yourself or have any additional questions!

You can find Whitney here!

Products I Tried:

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