January 10, 2017

Table Talk Tuesday: Beauty Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I totally forgot until now that this upcoming weekend is an extra long one and I am quite excited about it. I think we finally will be staying put in the city and I can’t wait to be here and enjoy laying low. I have received a few questions from you all lately in the beauty department and am dedicating this Table Talk Tuesday  to answering some of them!


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What do you use to fill in your eyebrows?

This question cracked me up due to the fact I just never paid any attention to my brows until about a year or so ago, when I realizes what a game changer a few little things could be. I swear by Anastasia Duo Brow Powder…it is amazing! I love that it has two different shades within the pod, I use the lighter shade for my brows that are wider (closer to my inner eye) and the darker shade for the skinnier brow located above the outer eye. I use this brow brush to first brush out my brows and then apply the powder and then brush them out one last time. I finish off my brows with this gel to help keep everything in place and prevent any fly-aways.

Do you use anything special for your hair? What kind of hair do you have? Please discuss your hair in an upcoming blog post!

So for starters, my hair is is on the medium thin to thin side (is that even a thing? ha!). When it comes to shampoo and conditioner I typically go for whatever is on sale, but lately have been trying to pick up products that are more natural without any coloring or scent. My hair gets oily so fast, so I am really trying to not wash it every day, but it is so hard. Dry shampoo is my best friend, not only to help go an extra day without washing it, but I find it also helps give my hair some volume. I have tried endless brands of dry shampoo, but here are my top favorites and why.

ALTERNA Caviar Dry Shampoo – I love the cone shaped applicator, so easy to apply to your scalp. The powder itself is not wet or sticky like other dry shampoos I have tried and you don’t have the feeling that something is in your hair and on your scalp once you work the dry shampoo in.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – My favorite aerosol selection and is one of the more “natural” choices. It smells amazing and helps create some much needed volume for this gal. I use the dry shampoo when I am tossing my hair up into a topknot to create extra texture and volume!

I used to have a hard time holding a curl, but I figured out a few tips and tricks along the way. When my hair is shorter, I am able to hold a bigger curl with a larger barrel. When I have longer hair, I need to use a smaller barrel (1.25″) for the curl to last throughout the day. My favorite wand to use that has interchangeable barrels is the T3 Micro wand. Regardless of curling my hair or not, I always apply this elixir and this heat protectant while my hair is damp. I then recently discovered this shaping cream that I use in either damp or dry hair before I style it. Total game changer and I swear this product helps my curls stay for a full two days.

You talked about a new, affordable eyeliner on Snapchat the other week, but I can’t remember what it was called?

Yes, back when I was out in LA working on a project, I had the opportunity to work with the nicest (and so amazing) hair and make-up artist Cici Anderson and she taught me so many fun little tips and tricks! The best was the eyeliner she used on me is one of her favorite (and now the only kind I will use) and it costs about $5. It is by Rimmel and is in the form of a putty/gel. I use a slanted brush to apply the liner to my lids.

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