April 29, 2016

Living in New York City, I have been left to wonder if spring will ever come. Regardless, I always find it important to change around your skin and beauty regimen each season and refresh your routine. I have been talking a lot about updating your wardrobe for spring, but haven’t yet discussed the importance of updating your everyday skin and beauty products as well. Recently, I had the opportunity to try some new P&G products, add them into my daily routine and share my thoughts with all of you!

I have always been an Herbal Essences gal — the different aromas are seriously the best. My current favorite is the Herbal Essences Naked line.  It leaves your locks full and luscious with a low-lather formula that is free of silicones, paragons or dyes. My favorite scent is the White Strawberry and Mint Herbal Essences Naked Clean & Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner, however, I typically gravitate towards different scents during a particular time of year — living in a place with four seasons, the scent I’m craving is pretty dependent on the changing season. With the windows finally cracked open and sunshine in the sky, I really enjoy the smell of something clean, fresh and a hint of fruit.

To go along with the fruits of spring, this Olay Fresh Outlast Energizing Lime and White Tea Body Wash is formulated with essential oil fragrance for a long-lasting scent and fresh shin all day. Typically, I keep my lotions unscented, so I enjoy choosing a body wash that smells delicious. Plus, I have really dry skin and love this body wash because it is designed to work with your skins natural pH and won’t dry it out which is always a bonus.

The final product I am introducing into my spring routine is by Pantene. With getting my hair highlighted for the last 10 plus years, I try and be conscious with what I use on it. Pantene Expert Collections came out with a new shampoo and conditioner which contain the most intense formulas for instant results. For ultimate protection for my hair, I try and alternate between the Herbal Essences Naked line and Pantene’s Intense Hydration.

Best Drugstore Beauty Products

Herbal Essence Naked

Olay Fresh Outlast Energizing Lime

Pantene Expert Intense Hydration

Herbal Essence Conditioner Revitalisant

Herbal Essence Naked Shampoo

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