February 9, 2016

casual stripe dress

Table Talk Tuesday…vacation style! After returning home for a quick trip out west, I thought I would dedicate today to answering a few questions about travel. I will be recapping my trip to San Diego over the next two days on the blog so stay tuned! Also, I created a Vacation Shop tab on my blog if you need some ideas or inspiration for any upcoming trips or the warm weather ahead (ok, way ahead – just looked at the 10 day forecast — eek!).

English Factory Striped Romper

perfect top knot

english factory romper

Dress (under $50) // Bag, sold out (save/splurge) // Sunglasses // Shoes // Earrings

You recently returned from Bora Bora which was an extremely long flight/s. What are a few necessities to get through longer flights?

  • Fluxus blanket scarf – This one in particular is so comfy and doubles as a blanket for a chilly flight. It is not too bulky and easy to either wear or bring along.
  • Eye mask – I literally don’t know why I didn’t invest in one of these sooner, but finally did about a year ago. It makes sleeping on flights so much easier, especially if you are sitting next to someone during an overnight flight that has their overhead light on.
  • Noise canceling headphones – no description needed, just simply amazing.
  • Make-up remover wipes & toothbrush and toothpaste – I try and pretend like I am actually getting ready to go to bed. It helps get in the mind set so I can hopefully get a few hours of sleep on the flight. This weekend we took a red-eye back from San Diego arriving in NYC at 4:50am and I had to be at work by 7:00am, so it was crucial that I was able to sleep on the flight and these two routines always help.

What is your favorite carry-on/travel bag?

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote – such a great size (but also comes in small + medium), has a top zipper and my favorite feature are the three, detachable zipper pouches inside.

Best site for booking flights?

Matt’s pick – Sky Scanner

My pick – Google Flights

The best piece of travel advice you can give?

If your schedule has the freedom, be open to booking long weekend trips last minute. Stressful, yes! But, Matt and I have realized that doing this allows you to have better control of knowing the weather and a lot of time to snag a good priced plane ticket and hotel. And if prices are still too expensive, make sure to keep checking in the days before you want to jet set to see if they drop. We booked San Diego only a couple days before leaving and the day before we booked tickets unexpectedly went to nearly $1,000. I then checked first thing when I woke up for work the next day(5:30am) and they dropped down to $300 round trip!

Second piece of advice, invest in good luggage. For YEARS I refused to believe this and thought I just had bad luck with suitcases. I’m talking broken handles, dragging luggage  around Europe with a trash bag tied as a handle and busted wheel, scuff marks, collapsed structural boning and so much more. For our wedding we decided to put high end  luggage on our registry. I felt a little guilty doing this at first, as I couldn’t get over the price of luggage, but hands down the best decision! We went with Tumi after a lot of research and so far it has been a great decision. Here are the pieces we have are from the Series 1 Luggage Collection which unfortunately sold out in some sizes/colors (we have the carry-on, medium and large), but all their pieces are durable and worth the investment.

Do you have a typical airport style?

All power to the ladies who can pull off heels when traveling, but that is just not my thing. A lady got off our red eye the other night and was rocking 5 inch floral stilettos. I told Matt he would have to carry me out on his back if I ever attempted this. With that being said, if I am not in a comfy pair of yoga pants, I typically gravitate towards a pair of denim with stretch and sneakers/slip ons. The athleisure trend is PERFECT for airport style!


Coat // Tee (favorite, have in too many colors) // Denim // Sneakers // Scarf // Watch

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