December 11, 2015

I don’t know about you all, but I always get swept away in the holiday excitement and try and find any excuse to get friends together and do something festive. Just recently I had the opportunity to partner with Absolut Vodka to check out their new mobile site, Hoppr by Absolut that targets the New York City area and those interested in either hosting a party or attending as a guest. You login through your Facebook account and choose if you are looking to host a party in the area or attend one. Before you start thinking you may have 100 people knocking at your door (or wherever the party is being held), both the host and potential guest have to mutually agree to share information and only then will addresses and details of the party be shared, so it is completely safe.

With New Year’s Eve coming up, these past few years my we have been scrambling for plans and left with not many options. Hoppr by Absolut will be a great solution for allowing you the ability to hop from party to party if you so desire. In New York City it is common for people to rent out loft spaces and host New Year’s Eve parties, basically creating a small club feel. Anyone registered on the site can join; it’s a great way for friends to gather and people to meet.

While New Year’s Eve is still up in the air, I decided to stick with hosting a Holiday Cheers party to get everyone into the spirit of the season. With final touches of decorations in our apartment being made, we were able to enjoy a night of eating, drinking and being merry…exactly what this season is all about! Also, I listed the recipe I used to create a fun holiday signature drink using Absolut Original Vodka, you can find it below! A little fun fact, Hoppr by Absolut was inspired by Absolut’s new limited edition bottle, Absolut Electik as a way to inspire new ways form taking your night from expected to “Electrik”.

christmas cocktail

Holiday Cheers Cocktail

  • Ice Cubes
  • 1.5oz Absolut Original Vodka
  • Club Soda
  • 2oz of any red juice you like (Cranberry, Winter Berry Mix, etc)
  • Cranberries to float
  • Rosemary sprig for decor (wet and roll in sugar for a snowy look)

how to decorate an apartment for christmas

pleated leather skirt

absolut electrik

holiday party attire

holiday gathering

holiday cocktail

holiday cocktail party



absolut electrik vodka

christmas eve

(one pooped pup!)

Silk Camisole // Pleated Leather Skirt // Everyday Earrings // Shoes…a little secret, I went barefoot 🙂 — too much running around when you are the host!


A big thanks to Absolut  for partnering with me on this post. Drink Responsibly.

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