DIY Spice Jars
August 10, 2021

Something that I have been wanting to do for awhile has been organized and cleanly labeled spice jars. For the longest time while living in our apartment they were always just tossed into a drawer and for someone who enjoys cooking and frequents her spice drawer, it was just one big mess. I thought I would share this process with you guys step by step and everything I used incase you were wanting to give your spice jars a face lift as well! One tip, as far as expiration dates, you can either label small with a permanent marker on the bottom, or I prefer using a label maker so you can keep updating as you refill your jars.

Expandable Spice Rack Organizer

What I Used:

  • 24 Pcs Glass Spice Jars/Bottles – I used 2 boxes. They also come with their own sets of labels (I didn’t use these) and a white chalk marker, as well as a funnel. Check out other jar options here.
  • Standard Labels (60) – size 2.25t x 1.25w white. The labels are available in different quantities and sizes.
  • Metallic Gold Spray Paint – I decided to spray paint the lids a metallic gold color so they matched the aesthetics of our kitchen more vs leaving them the plain silver color they come as. If you also decide to paint yours, I highly suggest using the 2x coverage spray paint and one that is also a primer. I initially used a gold spray paint that wasn’t and the paint was easily scratched off the lids.
  • Clear Top Coat Spray Paint – I wouldn’t skip this step as the jars lids will be handled quite often and you want them properly sealed and protected.
  • Expandable Spice Rack – I store my most used spices in a drawer, but you could use this spice rack organizer for a cabinet shelf.

Step 1:

Prep // Remove the metal lids from each jar. Inside each lid is a thin airtight seal. Remove all seals and set aside. Each jar also has a shaker/pour lid attached to the jar. Remove each of these and set aside.

Step 2:

Sanitize // Wash jars, metal lids and shaker lids with hot water and dish soap. I wanted to make sure everything was well sanitized and the metal lids clean and free of any residue or debris before spray painting. 

Step 3:

Set up // I needed to make sure the tops and sides of the lids were evenly sprayed and found the best way to do this was to have the lids raised up. I filled 5 plastic water bottles with water and attached the metal lid with a small amount of tape on the underside so they wouldn’t fall off while spraying. (I only had 5 water bottles around, but using more could speed up the process. The tape isn’t 100% necessary, but I didn’t want to risk messing up the lids if they fell off). I found a scrap piece of wood to spray on so that I didn’t spray paint the grass.

Step 4:

Spray paint // I slowly rotated each bottle while spraying the lids in a back and forth sweeping motion. I sprayed each lid one-by-one, waited two minutes, and then repeated with a 2nd coat. Once the 2nd coat had dried for 2-3 minutes I then sprayed each lid with a clear top coat. After about 5 minutes the lids were dry enough to remove from the water bottles and I then placed them on a baking sheet to finish drying. I repeated this process until all the lids were sprayed and then let them dry inside for a few days before handling again. 

Step 5:

Apply Labels // Before applying each label I wiped the jar face with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to remove any residue so the label would properly adhere. Once the label touches the jar you’re unable to reposition it so I used tweezers to help carefully apply each label in the center of the jar. 

Step 6:

Sanitize Lids // I sanitized the inside of the metal lids before adding back the airtight seals. 

Step 7.

Fill Jars // Fill each jar with the appropriate spice and attach the plastic shaker/pour lid and metal lid. The jars come with a collapsible silicone funnel to easily fill each jar with spices. 

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