Breakfast Nook Design Process
May 19, 2021

It is ironic to type this out, but the room that was stressing me out the most, has been my absolute favorite room in our house! Now that it is complete, I am so excited to share everything with you, but first the design process behind it all! Our breakfast nook was a space located in between our kitchen and main living space, but also needed to have walkable access as it leads to one of our doors to the patio. I knew we would be using the room every single day and it would grow with us as our family grew, which is why I was stubborn about finding a table that would fit 5 chairs. After Matt and I were at a loss on what to do, I decided to reach back out to Kathy Kuo Home who helped me with Logan’s NYC nursery, which I loved so much.

Also, since I don’t want this to get hidden at the end of the post, Kathy Kuo is great and gave me 20% off their site (a few exclusions) code for you guys! code: KENDALL20 — I love so many of their pieces and sure you will as well, so definitely worth taking a look to take advantage of that discount while it is live!


breakfast nook

Before jumping on a call with the Kathy Kuo team, I sent a few pictures and the layout of the unfinished space as well as some textures and color pallets of things I had my eye on (seen below). On the call we chatted a lot about the functionality of the space, how I envisioned using it for all our family meals, our kids to do homework, etc. With all that being said, having a chair with not a big gap in the back was on my list of must haves as well as a durable performance fabric – hello little kids. Immediately, I could tell the team understood and appreciated my vision for the space.

After our initial call, the Kathy Kuo team presented a few different design options for us to look over. Below is a snapshot of some of those options and a previous of how it was presented (there was a bunch more and more detail, but these were some of my favorites).

What I loved was that they incorporated pieces I would have never imagined picking or even pairing together on my own…I guess that is why designers can be super helpful 🙂 They also pushed me a bit outside my comfort zone from the “safer” idea I had in mind. I knew deep down I absolutely loved this chair when I saw it on their site (which was part of my inspo. board) so was excited to see it made the cut in their potential design plans. The olive green chairs below were a fun color to consider, but I instantly ruled them out as I was worried about the opening in the back being too big and our kids slipping through, etc. I was really impressed at how the team also brought in a bunch of other considerations for us, like staying away from something too big and how to make the space proportionate, etc. They gave us so much to consider, which I thought was really helpful.

I was immediately drawn to the larger table in the second row. Although our breakfast nook is smaller in size, I still was really hoping to fit 5 chairs around the table and this table looked like such a nice family table, and would match the other aesthetics of our kitchen. The previous owners had a table very similar to the top left and although we loved the look, we thought it left the space feeling a little bare (you can see a photo of that space in the bottom of the post).

Once we decided on the table and chairs we wanted to go with, I wasn’t whole heartedly loving any of the original lighting options presented and the Kathy Kuo design team was happy to give us a few more ideas to play around with. You can find the two we were debating between below after seeing a few more.

Mid Century Dining Table // Modern Classic Dining Chairs // Chandelier

After thinking things over for a few days, we decided on the furniture and layout seen below! I am excited to share the completed space with you guys so stay tuned! Remember – 20% off code: KENDALL20

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