Save vs Splurge: Home Edition
March 8, 2021

Happy Monday! The idea behind this save vs. splurge blog post came to me when I first fell in love with this Studio McGee marble knot, but not the $388 price tag. Through some searching I first discovered the best dupe with Studio McGee launched a line with Target, but the $20 alternative sold out SO FAST. I was on the hunt and determined and came across the cutest shop on Etsy that has a Studio McGee inspired clay knot for $40. SOLD! I purchased immediately and thought to myself there had so be other good dupes out there for items we’ve purchased for the house. After some digging, I found the below!

SaveSplurge Buffet // SaveSplurge Console // SaveSplurge Bench // SaveSplurge Cabinet // SaveSplurge Knot // SaveSplurge Stool

SaveSplurge Patio Chair // SaveSplurge Dining Chair // SaveSplurge Light Pendant // SaveSplurge Patio Accent Table // SaveSplurge Counter Stool // SaveSplurge Baskets

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