Formal Living Room Inspiration Board
March 18, 2021

I wanted to share our formal living room inspiration board with you all as it was one of the first rooms that sort of came together for us. I use the term “formal” loosely, as we have one very active toddler and would love more kids to add to the madness as well, so it truly isn’t that formal. Just a room we hope to use a ton, but also not our main family room in which we see ourselves spending the most time in.

If you have been following our home updates on Instagram Stories, you will have seen that we recently found and fell in love with two rustic oak coffee tables for in-between the couches that have so much character. Unfortunately they were one of a kind so I can’t link them, but will be on the lookout for anything similar! I also tried to share a “save” option for as many of the pieces as I could. The one thing we are still torn on is the rug, trying to figure out that soon!

Arched Cabinet (Save Arched Cabinet) // Bar Cart (Save Bar Cart) // Mirror (Save Mirror) // Lamp (Save Lamp) // Large Sideboard (Save Sideboard) // Couch Fabric: Performance + Color: Shoreline (Save Couch)// Arm Chairs (Save Arm Chairs)// Wood Side Tables (Save Side Table)// Faux Plant (Save Faux Plant) // Gallery Wall Frames (Save Frames) // Console Table (3 colors, ours is fog) (save console table)


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