Valentine’s Day Pretzels
February 11, 2021

If you all are looking for a simple idea, these Valentine’s Day pretzels are the answer! While I choose to make them while Logan wasn’t here to keep them as a surprise, you can easily get your little ones involved as well. If you can’t find these jumbo hearts for the center, you could swap out for Valentine’s M&Ms.


Someone gave me a tip for filling the piping bag, if you drape the side over a cup it opens up the “mouth” and makes things much easier to add inside the bag. I wish I knew this ahead of time, but can at least just this trick next time! Someone else suggested cutting the corner after, which might make things easier too.

If you need more visual details, I have all my videos saved within my “Recipe 4” Highlight over on Instagram. Shout with any questions you might have below and I hope you have fun making these, let me know if you do!

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