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January 22, 2021

Recently I’ve started reading some parenting books, and on instagram connected with you all over some of your favorites. To be honest, I am not a big reader. Never have been and sadly not sure I ever will be. At night is when I have time to read, but I get no more than 5 pages in and fall asleep (sad, but true ).

With that being said, there are a few books on motherhood/parenting I have read front to back and absolutely loved. The three with a yellow star below are my picks. Bringing Up Bebe I read while pregnant and could relate so much to the way Europeans raise their children and really enjoyed it . I apply a lot of what I read over the past 21 months with Logan (although sometimes that is easier said then done). 1-2-3 Magic I heard a lot about for getting kids to listen via using their 1-2-3 counting method. It has been a great read and easy to apply. Lastly, No Bad Kids is my current read. SUPER easy to get through as the chapters are broken up with only a few pages. Everything for helping to explain why toddlers throw their food, tantrums, hitting, etc. and what to do. It makes me feel not alone in raising Logan and that all of this is normal.

I also polled you all on books you have read or are reading and love. Since I don’t have too many under my belt, I knew you all would pull through as a wonderful resource to others! I hope this helps. We all are in this parent thing together!

1. Cribsheet – This was the number 1 recommended book. Oster’s book is full of data and dedicated to helping you tackle decision making in the early years of parenting. She helps to make sense of all the knowledge that is thrown at you from every corner and debunk myths and misinformation around subjects like breast feeding, sleep training, and potty training.

2. Bringing up Bebé – This was the only book I read while pregnant and the 2nd most recommended book that was sent it. Druckerman, an American Journalist who had a baby in Paris, writes about the French ways of parenting that she noticed while abroad that are different than that of Americans.

3. The Whole-Brained Child – Their book explains how a child’s brain is wired and matures over time and offers 12 key strategies to help foster healthy brain development. Their findings help to navigate those tricky tantrums and outburst. They also have a workbook with activities and exercises.

4. Moms On Call – Written by 2 pediatric nurse moms, they developed 3 different books to tackle 3 main stages of bringing up baby. Book 1: 0-6 months, Book 2: 6-15 months and Book 3: 15 months – 4 years. They cover everything from basic baby care of feeding, sleeping, to transitioning to sippy cups, when to call the doctor, and learning why toddlers behave the way they do and how to navigate tantrums and things like going out to eat. I actually have this book and glanced through it, but since we worked with a sleep coach I didn’t use a ton of their methods.

5. No Bad Kids – This is a more recent book I’ve read after having Logan. Janet Lansbury’s work is very popular, and this book is a collection of all her articles that help navigate the not so glamorous sides of toddler behavior like tantrums and hitting. She teaches respectful parenting practices on discipline, cooperation and boundaries as our littles learn to test the limits.

6. There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather – Is a Scandinavian mom’s secrets to child rearing where she shares nature-centric parenting philosophies that tend to not be the norm in America. Scandinavian culture tends to show that nature is considered essential to a good childhood, and should be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

7. The Happiest Baby On The Block – Was written to help calm fussy babies and help them sleep better and longer. Dr. Karp also touches on subjects like bed-sharing, breastfeeding, and SIDS risk. Her methods are based off of the 4 concepts of : 1-The fourth trimester, 2-The Calming Reflex, 3-The 5 S’s, and 4-The Cuddle Cure.

8. Expecting Better – From the author of Cribsheets, Expecting Better is a woman’s guide to navigating pregnancy. Oster’s work helps empower women to make their own, healthy choices, while debunking myths and pregnancy information that is often misguided.

9. The Danish Way Of Parenting – Denmark is said to be the happiest place on earth and this book lays out 6 essential Danish parenting principles, that spell out P-A-R-E-N-T, that help raise happy, confident and well adjusted children.

10. The Montessori Toddler – “Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.” This book is made for parents, grandparents, and anyone involved in little’s life, to help your little one gain independence, confidence, “out of the box” ways of thinking, and a love for learning. The book teaches a Montessori lifestyle and is able to be individualized so that it’s unique for every child.

11. No Drama Discipline – Written by the same authors of The Whole-Brain Child, this book dives deeper into learning how to “reach your child, redirect emotions, and turn a meltdown into an opportunity for growth”. Discipline is a touchy subject and they offer guides for navigating those tricky situations without causing a scene.

12. 1-2-3 Magic – This is also another book I’ve read since having Logan. This book teaches effective discipline for children 2-12. We’ve all heard parents start counting to 3 when their child is misbehaving in an effort to get them to stop. Phelan uses the method to guide parents through drama free discipline to help calmly and quickly stop negative behaviors and teaches how to establish positive routines with children.

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