Gift Guide: Toddler Stocking Stuffers
November 30, 2020

Ironically, I started making this list of stocking stuffer ideas on our car ride home yesterday so I wouldn’t forget when looking for Logan and so many of you wrote in during the Q+A asking about this too. I decided to make it a blog post so you could easily reference over and over.

  1. Natural Play Dough – We are BIG into play-doh and this natural play dough is a great, safer option if your little one still likes to put things in their mouth. Tons of colors and variety packs available. This keeps Logan busy for at least an hour.

2. ABC & 123 Gel Clings – Another favorite around here. You can also find in the Target $1 section! They are more of a 1 time use thing, but for $1 I don’t sweat it. He has fun putting them up and taking them down.

3. Set of Trucks – Logan’s favorite set of cars would fit perfect inside a stoking. We take these everywhere.

4. Kazoo – Huge music fans in this household and while he practices blowing for bubbles I thought a kazoo could be fun and different.

5. Fat Brain Dimpl – Love Fat Brain toys and this Dimpl has been a go-to for many many months. I first bought for him before he was 1 and he liked the colors and to chew on it. Now he pops it in and our.

6. Reusable Sticker Pad – He recently got into these reusable sticker pads with his cousins. I like the travel size of this particular brand!

7. Farm Animal Gel Clings – Same as above!

8. Light Up Spinning Wand – This little guy is a diaper changing MUST these days as Logan moves all around. My parents have given him a few for holidays and they are a favorite year round.

9. Fishing Bath Toy – Bath tub toys are always a hit!

10. Silk Scarves – I’ve noticed how much fun he has at these during his classes so decided they needed to make it into his stocking this Christmas.

11. Wooden Egg Maracas – Anything that he can shake around and makes noise is a big hit. Love the smaller size of these.

12. Natural Beeswax Crayons – Non-toxic crayons…we are still working on the “you can’t eat everything” phase, but knowing these are safe makes it better just in case.

13. Bubbles – Bubble wands are the absolute best!

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