The Best Spinach Dip
June 10, 2020

Growing up I always would joke around and call my mom the “dip queen”. She always was whipping up the yummiest dips and to this day she has the best spinach dip recipe! For the longest time I thought it was her secret recipe and I held it near and dear to my heart. I would make it for all our get togethers and when I worked at the hospital it was always requested for any party we had.

The Best Spinach Dip

Well, right when I decided to let you all in on this little secret, I found out that my mom just got the recipe from the back of the Knorrs vegetable soup packet! I kid you not, I laughed about this for DAYS. Anyways, sharing her famous 😉 recipe below, I prefer to make a day ahead so it can set and serve with Fritos scoops! Enjoy and let me know if you make it. I also have the videos saved on my “recipe 3” Highlight on Instagram.

What you will need…

Spinach Dip Ingredients


Spinach Dip Recipe
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