Williamsburg, Brooklyn Day Trip
March 11, 2020

I often receive requests on what to do when visiting NYC, where to eat, stay, etc. While I owe you guys a NYC dedicated travel guide (thinking I will break it down by neighborhood), Matt, Logan and I tend to venture into Brooklyn quite often and checked out 3 new places recently worth sharing with you all! 

For us, living on the east side it is only a quick ride over the bridge into Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since having Logan, we have frequented regularly as it is easy to park (we have a car and typically drive over), lots to do and the restaurants are family friendly with plenty of space for a stroller. 

Anyways, the three places I am about to chat about are all a quick walk from one another, making things easy to navigate once in this neighborhood!

First up, The Hoxton – Matt had been wanting to check this hotel out for awhile and I am so glad we did. The chicest decor with an overall fun vibe. We grabbed a casual drink in their lobby bar and indulged in the yummiest almond croissant (might be the best one I have ever had). We didn’t make it up, but they do have a rooftop that overlooks Manhattan. Also from November to March they have the coziest glass house set up where you can dine under the stars (or whatever you can make out as stars in the city, ha). I snapped a few pictures from above, but our friends actually took advantage and ate here and loved it. Also a great hotel option is looking to stay right outside the city!

Second stop, The Williamsburg Hotel – A Brooklyn boutique hotel located almost directly across the street from The Hoxton, this hotel is known for their rooftop pool and bar. Matt and I first checked it out while I was pregnant, so I could only enjoy a cocktail, so needless to say I was excited to get back!

Finally, the best for last, our dinner at Llama Inn – This meal was INCREDIBLE. Another spot Matt has been wanting to try for awhile (can you tell he is the planner in the family…it’s the BEST). They were so accommodating with Logan, had the best high chair we have ever had at a restaurant…sounds silly, but my girlfriend and I were joking about how all the standard wooden high chairs are terrible and truly take away from your child’s experience eating because they don’t work all that well. We each started with the Purple Pisco Sour cocktail the ordered the tuna ceviche, pork belly skewer, chicken skewer and beef tenderloin which was out of this world! We asked our waiter for recommendations because it all sounded yummy and he lead us in the right direction for sure. 

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