3 Quick + Healthy Baby Recipes
March 9, 2020

Finally sitting down and writing out 3 quick and healthy baby recipes for you all. You have seen them pop up a bunch on Instagram, and while I have them saved in “Logan’s Eats” Highlights, I wanted to place them on my blog as well as it might be easier to save and come back to (especially once my new website is live…hint hint!!).

All three are super easy to make and I have also put them to the freezer test and they last and still turn out just fine. The meatballs made enough in a single batch, but I would recommend double the recipe for the other two, just so you can make a bunch upfront and freeze and have meals on hand when your little one is hungry! I typically try and take out of the freezer the night before and then an hour or two before Logan eats, I will set however many out on the counter and let warm to room temp.

If you have any specific questions, let me know if the comments below, but otherwise lets get to it!

mini chicken and apple meatballs
mini chicken meatballs
easy baby recipes
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