Tips For Traveling With A Baby: Beach/Pool Edition
January 28, 2020

As I am writing this post, I am still wishing that we were back on the beautiful island of Anguilla soaking up the sunshine, surrounded by the friendliest people I have ever met! If you are new around here, hi! This was the second trip via airplane we have taken with Logan and the first to a warm weather beach destination. You can read all about our first trip to Europe with him here, when he was 5 months old. It covers tips with traveling with a baby, what we learned and what we brought along. Some things remain similar (tons of diapers, requesting a crib at the hotel, etc.), but on this trip we had to step it up a notch in the entertainment department for the flight and while away, which him being older (9 months).

I plan to chat about everything we brought and used and will also list out a few things that were duds or just not needed. Keep in mind though, every baby is different and you know yours the best and what their needs might be! Logan started crawling about 2 weeks before our trip and also LOVES to be entertained and doing things. I kept all this in mind when ordering things as well as keeping items small and packable. Also, a few other random things, totally forgot until the day before we left that we needed swim diapers, so yeah…don’t forget those as well as baby sunblock! Additionally, we truly just relaxed at the pool or beach all day that Logan basically hung out in his swim trunks and top and we really didn’t put him in many of the shorts and tops I packed. After his bath later in the day we plopped him into his jammies to make things easy. Just an fyi if deciding how much to bring clothing wise.

Up, up and away!…FOR THE FLIGHT:

Whirly Squigz

Whirly Squigz – These are awesome and come in a pack of 3. They have a suction, so you can place on the TV screen (it didn’t bother the person sitting in front of us at all, they couldn’t feel a thing) or the window. Logan loved twirling them around (you can see an action video on my Anguilla Highlight on Instagram). They were also a hit during mealtime when he was in his highchair.

Teethe + Twirl

Teethe + Twirl – Similar to above, this thing was AWESOME. Suctions as well and kept Logan suer busy on the plane and while we ate meals. You can also see an action video in the same Highlight.

tips for traveling with a baby

Cheerios – Probably the most useful thing for the flight! Now that Logan has been eating solids, Cheerios were such a game changer. If he started to get fussy these would keep him occupied. They are small enough where you can give him a bunch over a period of time.

Splish Splash!…FOR THE POOL:

Mini Blow Up Pool

Mini Blow Up Pool – Best $11 I EVER spent! Honestly, this mini pool was incredible and we used it all day every day. Logan is on the move, wanting to crawl everywhere and this helped contain and entertain him. We brought down to the pool and when he was over the actual pool (would last 20ish minutes playing in the big pool), he would sit in here with his pool toys, we’d fill with water and he’d play for an hour happy as a clam.

Eutreec Bath Toy

Eutreec Bath Toy – We had loads of fun with this toy, it does take a good amount of batteries, so make sure you do that ahead of time. The top part comes off and in the water becomes a sprinkler, which Logan was incredibly entertained by (as was I, haha). I have a video saved on my Highlights as well! Out of the water, you can place it on the blue UFO base and it plays music and moves all around also capturing their attention.

baby pool float

Pool Float – When we weren’t holding Logan in the pool, this was a great option for him to float around in. It also collapses into a circle with a carry bag so it was easy to pack and bring along.

stacking cups

Stacking Cups – BIG hit! Logan loves banging them together and he used them a ton in his mini pool. They have unique holes on the bottom so he got a kick out of watching the water fall through. Now that we are back home we use them during bath time.

Float + Play Bubbles

Float + Play Bubbles – These were fun to float around in the pool and mini pool. Logan enjoyed reaching for them and picking up different ones.

Beach Basket Set

Beach Set – Nice to have a simple beach set! The hotel actually gave Logan a bucket and shovel, so this wasn’t 100% necessary, but if they hadn’t I was glad we had this…mainly for pool use! More on our each experience below.

Bubble Wands

Bubble Wands – This mama’s BFF! We use these at home ALL THE TIME, so I knew I had to pack one for our trip. Entertainment for all. I learned this well during my Child Life days and these wands work the best by far.

Time for…THE DUDS! (or things we just didn’t use):

Pull + Go Monkey Submarine

Pull + Go Monkey Submarine – I wanted to love this toy so bad and am VERY curious about the insanely popular reviews. Maybe ours was a dud, but it hardly moved in the water. Going to try this week during Logan’s bath, maybe that will be more of a success?


Beach Tent – Not a dud, but our beach time was short lived, so we just didn’t use. All Logan wanted to do (understandably so) was eat the sand and put it in his eyes and then he would get so upset. If we could do a do-over I would see if the hotel could set up a pack and play at the beach, which would be a clean, safe environment to play. This time we resorted to the pool mainly and quick beach trips.


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