Baby Travel Essentials
October 14, 2019

Matt, Logan and I are gearing up for Log’s first flight next week and we are headed overseas! While I am SO excited to begin to show this little dude the world, I have been making lists upon lists of things I need to pack for him for the plane, and while we are there. Walmart’s Nextday Delivery will 1,000% be used as I have been compiling a list of products on their site. What I love is their exclusive Parents Choice brand of items, which contains quality baby items at an affordable price point…such as these fragrance free baby wipes! This brand covers pretty much all the necessities without breaking the bank.

This is just a glimpse of what we will be packing, but I wanted to share as I plan things out for myself! If you have any tips on traveling internationally with a little babe, please send them my way and leave in the comments below! And lastly, wish us luck haha!

Baby Mat – Logan still is at the age where he spends a lot of time on the floor. Wether he is doing tummy time, practicing sitting or just rolling around and playing. This mat isn’t too big and will be perfect for our trip allowing him to play a lot of the ways he is used to here at home.

Diaper Rash Cream – Just a general necessity to have on hand at all times!

Bottle/Nipple Brush – I love that this one isn’t too big and I will still be washing Logan’s bottles while we are away. I wont bring his tub to soak them and will have his bottles dry on a clean towel, but to me having a brush to really clean them is key. We use these Como Tomo bottles and LOVE them. We had the smaller size when he was a newborn and now use the larger size. They resemble a breast so if you are also trying to breast feed it cuts down on confusion and they don’t have a million parts to clean, which is key! Also, the nipples come in various sizes/flows, so just pay attention to your little one! We thought Logan started hating this bottle out of no where and little did we know we just needed to go up to the next nipple size.

Fragrance Free Baby Wipes – For an obvious reason we are bringing these along, but I am picky about making sure his wipes are fragrance free. I have super sensitive skin and also struggled with eczema and while Logan hopefully doesn’t experience this, I want to be cautious just in case.

New Toys/Teethers (elephant, star blankie + banana) – So two things, Logan is teething, so making sure we have teethers is important and I also wanted to pick up a few new small toys that would be exciting for Logan on the flight!

Feeding Spoons – Logan just started solids, so we need to keep it up while on our trip. I plan on bringing just one of these soft tip spoons, but knew it was something I didn’t want to forget. This 6 pack is only $2!

Shampoo + Body Wash – While I wont be lugging his tub along and plan to just get in the tub with him or hold him in the shower, I still wanted to make sure I packed shampoo + body wash that was baby safe.

Pacifier Wipes – I ALWAYS have these on hand in my diaper bag. Logan is at the age where things can get tossed out of the stroller left and right so I like to be able to give them a quick wipe down right away.

Cozy Blanket – To snuggle on the flight and also use in the stroller for the cooler days. This one comes in a few colors too.

Formula Dispenser – This is the best gadget ever! It allows us to pre measure his formula for when we are out and about. This one holds three feedings. I typically like to pre-fill his bottles with filtered water ahead of time, that way we are all set for feeding times and just have to add in the formula. Also, if we have a babysitter, I will use this at home so they don’t have to worry about counting/measuring etc.

Muti-Use Cover – This is the best trick for naps and bedtime on the go. It fits right over the car seat (which is what we attach to the stroller when we travel) and helps darken it inside. I toss in his portable sound machine and paci and we are good to go!

Diapers – We use Pampers Swaddlers and originally I was just going to bring enough for the flight and until we could pick some up when there, but after talking to a friend who has traveled abroad a bunch with her little one recommended we bring enough for the entire trip. You don’t want to risk diaper rash with trying out a new brand. Since going international, I am not certain they will have the diapers we use, so will bring a big supply.

A big thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!

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