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August 19, 2019

I feel like each day I am discovering new baby gadgets, brands, items, etc. for Logan and have had so much fun testing things out, getting rid of those we don’t like and sharing those we do with you all! Whether it is a new clothing brand (Tucker + Tate and Miles (runs small) are favorites as of lately) or an activity seat that Logan loves, I have enjoyed seeing what is out there and giving different things a try. As you mamas out there know, finding good baby products that your little one loves can truly be such a game changer!

Nordstrom has such a versatile baby/kids section and is a great place to pick up everything you are looking for. Whether it is a big ticket item such as a stroller or something more simple like a new paci, they have it all. I have rounded up a few things below that rank high on our must-have list and would love to hear any suggestions of things to try as well!

Copper Pearl Bandanda Bibs + Burp Cloths – I am 110% calling myself a bib and burp cloth connoisseur at this point of the game! But in all serious, I have talked about this a ton, Logan is a major spitter upper…all day, every day. His pediatrician said it is totally normal for him and some kids are just happy spitter uppers, but we go through about 4 bibs and 2 burp cloths a day and I constantly have them hanging out to dry all over the place. Copper Pearl are my absolute favorite and I own an embarrassing amount of them. Incredibly soft, absorbent and also just overall adorable since I consider bibs to be part of Logan’s outfit since he is in them all the time!

Erbaviva – I first discovered this line as it was gifted to me at my baby shower and oh my gosh we are hooked! It has clean ingredients, smells incredible (lavender and chamomile) and is formulated for delicate skin. The baby cream is our go-to after bath time and I even steal a little extra for my hands as well.

SKIP HOP Activity Floor Seat – This little seat is great! You guide their legs into place and it has a rotating activity center (shown above) and then tray on the other side that you can swing around to the front. While Logan LOVES the activity portion, I will also use the tray and place new toys for him to discover. Once he starts eating solids, the tray side will of course be very handy!

Teething Mit + Chew Cube – Another set I was gifted at my baby shower and it has been great for Logan. He is at the point of constantly putting things in his mouth and chewing on his hand so both these items have been key. The cube also has a square rattle inside that has a mirror and contrasting colors so this caught his attention early on even before he was putting things in his mouth. I will link to the grey option as well.

Clothing – I left the best thing for last! As mentioned above, Nordstrom carries some adorable brands for baby clothes. I get hooked on some new brand each time I am shopping! I thought I would list out a few of the pieces for fall I have picked up for Logan below.

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A big thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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