Favorite Weekend Tradition
February 11, 2019
valentine's day inspo

I have to admit that as I get older I really start to appreciate the little things in life. One of those being fresh flowers in the apartment. While I would like to say this is a favorite weekend tradition that always happens, I’m a little more strategic and typically go on a flower run only when I know we will be in town for a bit to enjoy the fresh blooms. With the weather all over the place, and me really craving warm weather and sunshine, picking up a few flowers has made such a difference. Just gives your space an overall positive vibe. You all know Trader Joe’s is typically my go-to (such a great variety and price point), but if not in the area then I will hit up our local bodega.

Lately I have been loving dispersing the flowers all around our apartment in smaller vases. It just adds a special touch to each room and brightens it up. Don’t forget about placing a few in your bathroom, especially if you are having guests over, it adds such a nice touch! Toss in some eucalyptus and you will have the best smell throughout your home.

valentine's day ideas
velvet hair bow
fresh flowers
bridal shower dresses
distressed denim overalls

Outfit One:

Striped Long Sleeve (solid colors here + $19! – wearing a small) // Distressed Denim Overalls (wearing a small) // Sneakers

Outfit Two:

Reversible Sweater (on sale for $30, 4 colors, wearing a medium) // Denim, old (similar) // Flats // Velvet Hair Bow, old (similar)

Outfit Three:

White Dress (wearing size 4, also comes in black) // Earrings

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