3 Secrets For Enjoying Exercise
June 28, 2018

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I blame this post on recently turning another year older and  reflecting on my overall health and wellness.  While there is certainly much I can do to improve in this area, this reflection made me realize I have some things figured out—or at least more figured out than I previously did.  So for today’s post, I thought it would share what my three little secrets for making exercise fun, while still getting it done. To be honest, I don’t focus on working out for any other reason than feeling good about myself and making sure I am the healthiest I can be. Whenever I can get up and moving I feel so much better, so I make it a priority. My friend recently advised me to look at working out or just getting up and going as part of your daily routine. Similar to brushing your teeth, you may not always want to do it, but you make yourself and feel good about that decision in the end. Anyways, before I digress, lets jump into it!

1.Choose what YOU love! – This may seem like common sense, but I was one to fall into the trap (for many, many years) of trying to replicate what worked for others, instead of focusing on what I enjoyed. I used to dread doing any sort of workout and dragged my feet the entire time. Needless to say, I hardly saw results. After trying a few different workouts while living in the city (ClassPass makes this easy and more affordable), I fell in love with barre (which you all know) and spinning, in addition to just walking! I get excited to get up and go to these classes and love making time in the day (about an hour) for myself. Also, I try to get out and explore each day. Recently, while walking Hadley, I found a beautiful path along the East River in the city and this has quickly become Hadley and my favorite way to get out each day. Every time I am there (this is where I took these photos) it makes me fall more in love with NYC. In the end, when it comes down to it, do what you love and it wont feel like a chore, just part of your daily routine!

2. Cute (but practical) workout clothes! – One of my favorite tricks. It may sound silly, but investing in pieces you feel good in and that actually help get the job done is key. One of my absolute favorite brands is Lolë (many of you seem to love it as well—whenever I wear their pieces, I get so many questions). I am very picky when it comes to workout clothing, and just because it looks cute, doesn’t always mean it is high quality. But isn’t it the best when both things align?! I spend a lot of time researching brands that actually care how their pieces are made and how they fit and feel when worn. I’m happy to report that these Mid-Rise Bust Leggings are a new favorite of mine and are great for high impact workouts with moisture-wicking fabric. I 100% always go for a higher-waist as I am constantly moving around and bending up and down, especially in barre. Another nice feature with my leggings, is some sort of pocket to toss my key into. This pair has a zippered pocket on the right pant leg that can easily hold a set of keys, dollar bills, anything smaller in size.

I also think it is fun to wear sets from time to time and this denim ocean wave pattern also comes in a sports bra. This bra is also moisture-wicking and has a 4-way stretch, making it easy to take on and off. You can wear it by itself, or toss on a lightweight tank for an extra layer. If you are worried about the loose fit, I think a cute way to style this top is to knot it in the back!

A few fun facts about Lolë if you are new to the brand. First, they are based out of Montréal and use eco-friendly and highly technical fabrics and are always putting their customers first by offering free shipping and returns, so have fun trying out a few different pieces! Second, they also believe wellness is a lifestyle (which I couldn’t agree more with), making sure each garment is versatile and high performance for every girl on the go! If you have any other questions about the brand, just let me know.

Additionally,  they are hosting the Lolë White Tour, which is a yoga and meditation event where everyone wears white as a symbol of peace. Since 2012, the Lolë White Tour has united over 65,000 people dressed in white, from communities around the world, to practice yoga and meditate in a unique session dedicated to peace. You can find out more about the event here: http://www.lolewhitetour.com/

3. Last but not least, be strategic in the timing of your day! – I am a morning person, so it is easy for me to set my alarm a little bit earlier to head to a workout class. I know by the end of the day I am rushing to feed Hadley, make dinner for myself and Matt and to be honest just looking forward to unwinding. I have a ton of friends who are the opposite and prefer to workout after their workday. You just need to find when you feel the best and have the most energy. If it is a day that flies by and gets the best of you (we have all been there) do something simple like walking home, and add a few at home quick workouts just to get your blood pumping (plank for a minute, do squats while cooking dinner, etc.). Strategy is definitely key when it comes to getting into a good routine!


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