3 Ways I’ve Been Working Out and What I’m Wearing
May 14, 2018

As I mentioned on my Instagram Stories, I am hoping to publish more health, fitness, wellness, recipes, etc. on my blog since you all seem to have an interest. Since I have been little I have always been into competitive sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward through college (where I didn’t play a sport) and moving to the city, I quickly found myself in a workout rut. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have joined and canceled my gym membership, I just could never get myself to go and when I did I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and hated every minute of it. The most I worked out in my first few years of the city was walking up the 5+ flights of stairs to my apartment. 

Over the past few years I made it a point to get back into a fitness routine and figure out something I truly loved. I truly think that this is something so personal, but I figured I would share the three things I have found and loved with you all incase you are looking to switch things up yourself. But, before we get into what I have been doing, I am a firm believe that what you wear to workout can be your (or my) biggest motivation. While I am a leggings all the way gal for any workout class or in home workout, I prefer a less traditional outfit for walking around the park or city. SIX:02 is such a great site for both of these clothing options. They have everything from matching sports bra and legging sets, to this adorable romper I am wearing and even the best selection of sneaks! I know I was a little ambitious with these white sneaks, especially living in the city, but I thought they would be perfect for spring and I love the pink detailing. What I enjoy the most about SIX:02 is they typically have pieces that you don’t see as often, making your workout attire a bit more special. 

SIX:02 houses a bunch of well known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Spiritual Gangster, Champion and so much more so there is a little something for everyone. Also, I am hosting a fun giveaway over on my Instagram where you have the chance to win $250 to shop Six:02! Make sure you hop on over for all the details and chance to enter.

Now, lets get into the 3 ways I have been working out lately and what I love about each one. 

Pure Barre – This comes as no surprise as you guys hear me confess my love for Pure Barre over and over again. This was the first workout class I tried and actually fell in love with and get so excited to go. I try and go at least 4 times a week and if you aren’t familiar, Pure Barre (or any barre class in general) is all about small movements to strengthen, lengthen and tone. They also added an Empower class which is a bit more cardio paced and non-stop for 40 minutes. It is a great way to add in a workout that gets your heart rate pumping. If you ever have questions about Pure Barre please let me know! 

Walking – To be honest this is so therapeutic to me (minus when it’s the winter, ha!). I love nothing more than getting out and about with Hadley on a beautiful day and exploring the city. To be honest we typically end up in Central Park because she loves it there and there isn’t as much traffic so you can keeping walking without stopping as much. I always toss on my FitBit and aim to get a bunch of steps in as I try my best to hit 10,000 steps a day. I am not a runner, never have enjoyed it, so to me this is the best way to get out and about and exercise. I try and walk anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

BBG – Last, but not least, I decided to jump on the BBG train and see what all the hype was about. I paid for the year in full for the app as it was the cheapest option ($120). I decided to give it a go as I wanted a bit more heart pumping. HITT training into my routine. What I love the most about BBG is that it is 28 minutes and you are done. They are the hardest 28 minutes and there are circuits I struggle with completing, but knowing it is less than a half hour always gets me to push myself through it. The one downfall is my knees have been hurting a bit. I try and pay attention to my form, but need to look into if this is normal or not. You don’t need much equipment, pretty much a set of hand weights and yoga mat then I improvise with everything else, i.e. I use a chair for the bench. I finished the Beginner 4 weeks and am on Week 2 of BBG 1.0, so I will keep you al posted. There are days where I will do this and barre if time allows and other days I save barre for the cardio days. 

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A big thanks to Six:02 for partnering on this post!

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