Where To Find the Best Statement Earrings
April 11, 2018

statement earrings

You all know that my love for statement earrings lately has been real! I talk a lot on Instagram Stories about how my ears are SUPER sensitive, but wanted to repeat that on here too. I say this because I truly can only wear lightweight earrings or else I am totally uncomfortable the entire day with the heaviness and pulling. So when it comes to searching for, trying out and sharing statement earrings with you guys, I genuinely put in a lot of TLC and research into the process. I know a bunch of you DMd me and feel the same way, so hopefully this post is extra helpful for you!

There is something so fun about adding a statement earring to your look. I can be getting dressed up or simply weather a tee and shorts and adding a fun earring can make all the difference. You can shop the earrings I love below by clicking on the image! Let me know if you have any questions and if you all know some places to get lightweight statement earrings you love!

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