Bed Sheet Review
March 9, 2018

Hypoallergenic Dogs

This post has been a long time coming and I know I have promised to share everything with you all, so I finally had a chance to sit down and write it all out. When I first reached out asking for help via social media I had absolutely no idea how many of you would be interested in what everyone was suggesting, which is what lead me to this post. As I mentioned in my Instagram Stories update, I wanted to try out all the sheets for a bit before sharing my thoughts with you all. You guys ROCK and truly had some amazing suggestions that I will list out in addition to the four that I have tried and like.

The struggle has been real in the bed sheet department for the Kremer household. Even the expensive sheets we put on our wedding registry just haven’t been holding up and are way too stiff and not comfy. My biggest thing this time around was finding sheets that were super comfy where I never want to get out of bed (which I guess could be a dangerous thing after all). I wanted to try a few at different price points, which are the four I am sharing below. I also compiled the most popular recommendations in addition to the four I chat about below!

Parcale vs. Sateen Sheets


Lacoste Solid Washed Cotton Percale 300 TC Sheet Set – These are the most affordable and have a light and airy feel. They also have deep pockets which has been the most incredible thing so the corner of the bottom sheet don’t bunch. Maybe it is my OCD kicking in, but that has been something that tends to drive me crazy.

Ralph Lauren Graydon Melange Sheet Set by Trident – While a little more hesitant at first, I quickly learned that these sheets get softer and softer with each wash. I love the analogy they use, that these sheets are similar to your favorite broken in chambray shirt. A bit stiff at first and then quickly becomes softer and your most worn piece! The color selection is great, I went for a change from my typical white and decided on “dune”.

Crate & Barrel T400 Percale Sheet Set by Trident – What I love about this set is that they are soft and durable. As I mentioned earlier, we have had such issues with our sheets ripping on the seams every time I go to make/change our bed. It was starting to drive me crazy and also seemed as if I couldn’t have both soft sheets that were also durable. Also, you all know I try and stay as natural/organic as possible when I can and an extra benefit of this line is that they are certified by Oeko-Tex, who tests for known harmful substances and chemicals. Truly guaranteed good night sleep!

Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheets – To be honest, I was most excited to try out this sheet set. Peacock Alley makes my duvet and it is the softest, most luscious piece of bedding I have ever owned. While their products are on the higher end, they are 100% worth it. Just as I suspected, you melt into these sheets. What I also realized is that is it good to figure out if you are more of a Sateen sheet set person or Percale sheet set person. Both have their benefits Percale is crisper and cooler (think iron shirt) and Sateen is more of a buttery, silky feel and will pop out of the dryer with less wrinkles…sold!

How to find the perfect bed sheets

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