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February 21, 2018

Spring 2018 Trends

While it isn’t every day that I wear something designer, I have enjoyed investing in pieces over the past few years.  Instead of buying impulse purchases, I now try to instead save and invest in timeless, quality pieces that I will hold onto forever. And one of my favorite ways to style things is mixing high with low, which you will see a lot on my instagram and blog. It creates a balanced, well thought out look without being too over the top.

When it comes to designer goods, shoes and bags are my guilty pleasure. Over the years I have done a bunch of research on the most reputable places to purchase from, and one of the sites I consistently use is  The site provides not only a unique shopping experience (with 500 New Arrivals a week), but their service and quality is over the top. My favorite part is that you don’t have to wait forever for your purchase. Their international delivery for the US is 24-48 hours and the EU is 24 hours. They also offer free returns and exchanges which isn’t always the case when buying designer items. When investing a lot of money into a design item, and given the amount of fakes on the internet, it is so critical to use a reputable source that can provide you with all appropriate authentication  needed.

If you are looking for a piece for a specific occasion, their Style Edit section helps refine your search. Personally, I’ve been all over the Vacation Shop as I am in the midst of planning a few warm weather trips! They carry one of my favorite brands for adorable straw toes, KAYU, which I’ve added to my online wishlist. What also caught my eye recently was the Chloé Faye shoulder bag which is the perfect shade for spring and summer! While I love my Antigona leather tote, I have been looking for something a bit lighter and fresh for the upcoming season.

Below I’ve listed and provided a review of the various designer pieces I’ve invested in that are available on

Chloe Faye Bag

Where to shop for designer goods

Chloe Bag

Chloe Faye Bag


Gucci Princetown Loafers – A Christmas present for Matt and the PERFECT shoe for traveling. Easy to slide in and out of at the airport and they go with so many pieces in your wardrobe. A true classic.

Golden Goose Sneakers – Something I debated for awhile and the finally decided to bite the bullet. Hands down the best decision I ever made. I have worn these shoes everywhere, all around NYC all around Europe while traveling (always without socks) and never one blister. I am such a baby with my feet hurting (Matt can attest) and I started with this all white pair and had to buy a second because I was so in love. The navy/grey combo pair are my favorite out of the two and most worn.

Givenchy Antigona Medium Leather Tote – This purchase was my baby. I saved up forever for this bag and it truly is one of my most loved and used bags. It fits so much, which I always look for with living in the city and being out and about. The structure makes it extremely durable and it one of my go-to bags 80% of the year.

Chloé Drew Bag – My first designer purchase ever and I will never forget it! I wanted a bag that was neutral (although most of my designer purchases are) and something I could dress up or down and truly just get the most use out of.

Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag – Last but not least, I talked about this bag above as my most recent investment. I love the two tone coloring and adjustable strap. I also love wearing it as an oversized clutch with the strap just hanging or tucked away!

I wanted to add one last thing about making sure you take proper care of your investment pieces. For anything leather, you can give it a good wipe with an ALCOHOL-FREE baby wipe. I mainly do this with my shoes as they can get destroyed in the city. Always make sure you are storing your pieces properly as well. As pretty as they look on display, if you want them to last and look like brand new for a long time, make sure you are taking the extra steps to protect them. Stuff your bags/shoes after wearing them, place them into their dust bag or boxes and bring them in to get repaired whenever you may need to.

Bryant Park

Faye leather and suede shoulder bag

When to invest in designer pieces

Eyelet Top

Best site for designer bags FAVORITES:

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