January 23, 2017

The motto goes, a new year a new you, right? I know as each new year rolls around I make a list of personal and professional goals that I try and stick to throughout the year. I have to admit though, it is often tough to follow through with each one. Leading a healthier, more balanced lifestyle always makes the list from year to year. In the past when I set a goal for myself to workout X amount of days each week or whatever it may be, I would always get stressed out trying to meet that goal and never really enjoy what I was doing. This year I wanted to take a different approach and when Joe Fresh asked me to team up with them for their “Make Your Move” campaign I jumped on the opportunity. Their motto is “make your move, no matter how you choose to move.” Basically, just get up and do something, anything, no matter how big or small!

Living in the city I am constantly on the go and trying to take advantage of all it has to offer. I am a firm believer as long as you just get out there and move about that is the best balance for a happy, healthy life. Personally, I try and go for a run along the water or take Hadley on a long walk around the neighborhood each day. As some of you know, Hadley had been sick last week and after being diagnosed with pancreatitis and spending two full days at the vet getting fluids, we took every opportunity on Sunday to get out in the fresh air with her and move around. She is doing much better now and we need to focus on changing her diet and a new lifestyle for her. Matt and I decided it was timely to join her and implement small healthy changes in our lifestyle as well.

I thought it would be fun to share a few tips that help me get up and active:

  1. Wear a Fitbit, or any type of activity tracker. I love knowing how many steps I have taken during the day and if I need to try and get up and moving to clock a few more.
  2. Get new gear! This is always the best motivation.  Joe Fresh currently has some really great activewear pieces for the entire family, as well as a buy more, save more sale! Always a great time to stock up. These black leggings work perfect for the gym and then grabbing brunch out right after. Joe Fresh’s activewear is also SO comfortable, truly cannot beat it for the price.
  3. Leave a water bottle out in site throughout the day. I prefer one with a straw, I tend to drink a lot more water this way. Having it out and with you is a constant reminder to get those fluids in!
  4. Plan healthy meals in advance. I’m trying to get in the habit of planning my meals out in advance for the week, so I can avoid constantly having the excuse that I don’t have to time to prepare a meal at home. Having conquered this one yet but I’ll let you know if I do!

joe fresh workout clothes

marl leggings

black sports bra

running gear

joe fresh

grey puffer coat


weekend style

joe fresh make your move

styled snapshots

best workout clothes

First Outfit:

Long Sleeve Top // Sports Bra // Marl Leggings // Sneakers, old ( love these) // Sunglasses // Water Bottle

Second Outfit:

Jacket (SO light weight yet warm)// Long Sleeve Top // Leggings // Sneakers, old (love these + these)// Sunglasses

A big thanks to Joe Fresh for partnering on this post!

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