October 4, 2016

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Getting Personal: Undergarments. Lets be honest, it is something we all struggle with from time to time (hello summer weather and backless dresses), but we don’t always know where to look and what the best options are. Over the past few months, I have tried out a fair share and narrowed down my favorites for you all dependent on the occasion, so let’s get started!

Backless Situations – This sticky bra has been my go-to, especially for warm summer months. The bra itself keeps a good stick wear after wear, but keep in mind if it is really hot and humid out and you get sweaty, there can be a little bit of slip and slide action. Overall though I haven’t found I bra I like better for backless pieces.

Sheer Protection – It wasn’t until this summer that I found myself wearing two sheer(ish) pieces (you can see posts here + here). While I loved both items, I found them hanging in my closet for some time because I honestly just didn’t know what to wear underneath. I have two great recommendations depending on the cut of your sheer pieces.

This bodysuit works for lower cut pieces, and you will need to coordinate what bra works best and then wear this over top. It comes in both nude and black and I wore this option with my sheer black jumpsuit. The best of this body suit- you don’t have to take this off every time you have to go to the bathroom!

The slip dress is my favorite to wear underneath any sheer dress you may have. I paired it with this maxi over the summer and it was perfect.

Tummy Tuck – While I don’t wear these often, I do love them for any fitted dress that I am going to be in for awhile (especially when I know I will be eating a lot). These mid-thigh shorts are my go-to for weddings and just smooth out your tummy and help hold everything together in place! I wore them under this dress here.


Gadget Must-have: Marble iPhone case. Clean, sleek and chic! It is available a variety of colors, but I am loving the classic white. Now I just need my new phone to arrive so I can use it!  Funny story, my phone did arrive last week, but the box was completely empty – sorting that out with Verizon over the last week has been such a joy ha!

Steal of the Day: If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I have been LOVING candles lately, especially with the change in season. My girl Marissa got me hooked on this “cozy nights” scent and I just went and ordered them in bulk. It smells so good and the perfect scent to have throughout your house to unwind to after a hectic day. The medium size (pictured) is only $10 and soy which is better for the environment and burns longer.

Cozy Nights Candle

Recipe I’m Loving: More often than not, I am posting a recipe in here. I can’t help it, they are all so good! I have two favorites to share with you all; one to get you in the spirit of fall and the other is just a yummy dinner option I tried and loved.

This pumpkin pie dip recipe is a crowd pleaser and to die for! I plan to make it for our friends dinner this Thursday night and may just have to make an extra batch to keep at home as well.

Secondly, I tried the Kung Pao Chicken with Zoodles and loved the burst of flavors throughout. Matt typically hates zucchini and even admitted to really enjoying this meal, so totally husband approved!


< image >

Product Discovery: Over Fashion Week I had the opportunity to go to dinner with Sole Society + ARCONA, the two brands that were styling the footwear and doing the skin care backstage for the Tadashi Show. During that time I got to know more about this skin care line (you all know my obsession with taking care of your skin) and we were sent home with some of the products. This Pumpkin lotion made its way into my hands and I have never been so obsessed with a lotion before. I typically stick to unscented lotions due to my sensitive skin, but ARCONA’s philosophy says “color, fragrance and consistency don’t change your skin – live ingredients do” so they only use the finest quality and pure ingredients into all of their products. The perfect fragrance of pumpkin distinct in the lotion comes from pumpkin extracts. While it is no surprise I can never get enough of pumpkin everything this time of year, this is a lotion I would definitely use year round.

Arcona Pumpkin LotionARCONA FAVORITES

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