September 1, 2016

I know I haven’t been as consistent with these posts, so thanks for hanging in there with me! They are one of my favorite posts to write, but sometimes other content get scheduled and I have to switch things around a bit. With that being said, whether it is a Tuesday or Thursday there is a Table Talk Tuesday coming your way!

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Getting Personal – I am an aunt, again! If you guys were following along my Snapchat over last weekend you may have seen the newest addition to the Kremer family, my nephew Cameron. He is 110% perfection and a big contributor to this baby fever I have been having  lately (but hold your horses, we aren’t quite there just yet). I have two nieces who I adore and love already, so it was very exciting to being a nephew into the picture. Of course, in aunt and uncle fashion Matt and I had to bring a few things to spoil him and make him the most fashionable little man on the block. What we brought was:

Gadget Must-have: My friend Katie surprised me for my birthday and got me this charger because every time we were together I would complain how my phone already died and then spend half my time searching for an outlet to plug into or borrowing her portable charger. This charger is AMAZING!! It holds two full chargers and isn’t too bulky to carry around. Just FYI, I use my iPhone charger to connect my phone to the battery pack and the cord it comes with to charge it in the wall.

Steal of the Day: Lets face it, I have already pre-purchases about 15 new sweaters for fall (my favorite season, I can’t help it). While I try and keep most sweaters under $100 since I enjoy buying new ones each season, I recently stumbled upon this cozy one from Nasty Gal. They seriously have the BEST sweaters and are all super affordable!

Recipe I’m Loving: I don’t eat a ton of meat and am constantly on the hunt for new recipes that are healthy, tasty and mostly veggie or fish based. My cousin told me these black bean spinach enchiladas were a must to make and she was right! They are delicious and guy approved. The homemade sauce seals the deal so don’t skip out on making that part.


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Product Discovery: While away in Cancun, Marissa let me try out her Essie Gel Nail Polish and top coat and I was amazed with how well it stayed on and didn’t chip. I typically go through manicures in two days and this polish is still going strong after 5! My favorite color is Fairy  Tailor, beautiful for everyday use and the perfect neutral.

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