September 6, 2016

table talk tuesday

Getting Personal: Stress. It is something that we all deal with time to time, but more often than I would like, I find it sticking around and consuming my day. Whether it is today’s to-do list or looking at my planner at a week or a month’s span, sometimes I feel like I can never catch up, de-stress and just relax. I pride myself on being an overall healthy person, but struggle with making sure to fit in “me time,” which I know is important. On a busy day, I rather cross off an extra thing or two from my two-do list rather then take an hour or so to go workout or do something to clear my mind. I would love to hear any tips or suggestions you all have that have helped you de-stress your life while still getting through your daily to-do list!

Gadget Must-have: While away this past weekend at my friend’s bachelorette, one of the girls had this Popsocket on the back of her phone. It makes holding your phone much easier, selfies a breeze, and turns into a stand for your phone as well. Very affordable and available in a bunch of colors.

Steal of the Day: Have you all heard about Old Navy’s stain resistant white denim (also on sale)?! I just found out about these from a girlfriend and already am a big fan of their Rockstar denim so excited to give these a try.  Interested to hear your thoughts if you have already tried them! There is an interesting article about them here.

Recipe I’m Loving: If you are a seafood lover like myself, you have to try these gluten-free fish fingers. I picked up Gweneth Paltrow’s cookbook a few years ago and this recipe is one of my favorites in the book. I prefer the mustard and old bay style!

gluten-free fish fingers

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Product Discovery: You may have seen my snap about it the other week, but Thomas Peter Roth products have become my new obsession. I can not wait to try this pumpkin one to kick off the change in seasons and I have been loving this mask to help keep any breakouts at bay especially during summer months. I try and use it twice a week and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

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