February 1, 2016

Happy February! Honestly, I think time goes faster as you get older – can’t believe the first month of 2016 has come and gone. With Valentine’s Day here before we know it, I thought it would be fun to dedicate today’s post to  ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day – whether married, dating, or single. One of my favorite memories from college, before I met Matt, was a valentines day I spent with a bunch of friends where we got dressed to the nines and went and dined at the ever so fancy Wendy’s (hello broke college kid budget) and then went out for the night. Any night spent dunking fries into my frosty (please tell me you have done this) is a great night in my book.

valentine's day

VALENTINE’S DAY IDEAS (also check out my Pinterest board, it is filled with inspiration):

  • Host Galentine’s Day — Have your girlfriends over for either brunch or dinner. Decorate your space with the traditional red, white and pink colors and set up a fun drink station. Also, either order take-out to make things easy or I always love a make your own pizza party. You can invest in one of these adorable pink cameras that prints mini polaroids instantly to document your event and send guests home with memories.
  • With your significant other — Get creative! Matt and I have done our fair share of fancy shmancy dinners, but over the past few years we have found what we enjoy most is staying in, enjoying a glass of wine and cooking together. The restaurants in NYC typically inflate their menu prices and between that and the crowds we found spending time together at home is the best choice. I still get a little dressed up, light some candles to set the mood, and just take time for just us – without the TV on or any other distractions. Sometimes we even bust out a board game (usually my idea, but Matt sometimes appeases me!) This year we are thinking of booking a couples massage for earlier in the day and then spending the night in.
  • Other fun ideas no matter who you are with:
    • Take a cooking class (if you live in NYC, Matt’s mom and I took a class at the Natural Gourmet Institute  and we LOVED it — ours was a six hour class where you go into Union Square and shop for your produce).
    • Have a Valentine’s Day cookie/desert swap — there are so many creative ideas on Pinterest! You could also have fun crafting cute take-home bags to put your goodies in.

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valentine's day inspiration

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valentine' day date ideas
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