January 26, 2016

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With the new year still on our mind, I decided to dedicate this Table Talk Tuesday to my fitness routine and what works for me. I by no means “love” working out, but I have found classes and a routine that I enjoy and try to push myself to do a few times a week. On average I go to about three classes a week, unless a vacation or special event is coming up then I try to go more often. With my work schedule, blogging and being a puppy mama and wife, I try not to over exhaust myself and allow a few nights for some R&R on the couch…and really good reality TV.

  • First and foremost, walk walk walk! Living in a city makes this really easy, but at times I do drag my feet when thinking about walking somewhere. I purposely don’t buy an unlimited metro card and only put about $50 on it a month. This allows me to get to work in the morning while it is still dark out, but then have to walk the 2 miles home. I decided to do this because the bus home was taking just as long as walking, it is a great way to get in exercise even if you don’t hit the gym later on and best yet, I am saving money on my travel expenses each month.
  • Find a class or activity that works for you and you enjoy. For me, I found this in barre and spin classes. I try and alternate throughout the week and it is a great balance between cardio and toning. I have a love/hate relationship with having to book classes in advance, because you also have to cancel way in advance (typically 24 hours) or else you loose money. Some days I find myself not wanting to go, but knowing I would be paying for it anyways I find a way to get my self there.
    • Barre classes I take: Pure Barre (more toning and about small movements) // Fly Barre (faster passed, more cardio, high energy), Barre 3 (I have only tried a few times and to be honest it is my least favorite. It was more yoga-like and due to being extremely inflexible I found myself getting ore frustrated)
    • Spin classes I take: Fly Wheel (LOVE this class, you can track yourself on a board to see how you are doing and a high energy upbeat vibe with usually 2 songs dedicated to arms…oh yeah, and water is included!) // CYC Fitness (I recently gave this a try, teaming up for Calories for a Cause. You can’t track yourself, but the instructors are filled with energy and great music and typically 4 songs are dedicated to an arm workout) // Call me crazy, but I have yet to try Soul Cycle….would love to hear any thoughts from you guys!
  • I try and make a smoothie packed with nutrients and filling ingredients. I love starting my day with this, but with living in a tiny apartment that is all open and a husband that gets up MUCH later then me, the noisy Nutibullet typically sits in the cabinet until the afternoon or evening. Some items I always make sure to include (Matt often jokes that I could feed all the birds in Central Park with the amount of seeds in our pantry):
    • Cinnamon
    • Hemp Seeds
    • Ground Flax Seeds
    • Chia Seeds
    • Spinach or Kale
    • Vanilla Protein Powder — from time to time. My FAVORITE post workout smoothie I ever had was a PB&J shake from Barry’s Bootcamp Fuel Bar. I found someone that recreated the shake here. I even called Barry’s to ask what type/flavor of protein powder they use and it is Isopure “creamy vanilla”
  • A few healthy favorites:
    • Spiralizer – Ok, so it is no homemade pasta, but really does a great job at looking the part! Matt who hates zucchini, has actually enjoyed his fair share of zucchini dishes thanks to this little gem.
    • Skinnytaste – My go-to site for yummy and healthy dishes.
    • GoMacro Bars – One of my favorite snacks/occasional breakfast replacement if running around and too busy to sit and eat. I prefer them cold, so keep them in the refrigerator until ready to eat. The Sunflower Butter + Chocolate and Banana + Almond Butter are two of my favorites, but quite honestly I love them all.
  • Last but not least, cute workout gear! This always motivates me to get back into the swing of things and start a consistent routine if I have fallen off the boat:

Now, I have a question for you all! I have heard a lot about 21 Day Fix and have debated giving it a try for some time now. My hesitation is that it looks like it is a ton of work and prep. Has anyone tried it, enjoyed it, hated it?…would love to hear any and all thoughts!

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