January 14, 2015

This time of year, I base almost every outfit around what coat I am wearing. You can usually find me bundled (ok, hiding) under an enormous scarf, a beanie and the warmest mittens I can find. If you ask Matt, he will attest that I usually look like this when heading outdoors—it is just way too cold and windy in this city! The one exception to this rule, as you all know, is when I am taking blog pictures, in which case I will occasionally (and begrudgingly) lose the jacket; but you better believe it is going right back on after pictures (or if I feel the early onset of hypothermia—can you tell taking pictures in the winter is my favorite?!). Anyways, point being, that even with all the layers needed to survive the cold, it all comes down to having a cute, yet functional coat. If you are looking to add a coat or two to your winter collection, now is the perfect time to do so as there are so many great deals out there. I’ve collected some of my favorite coats on sale below.  In doing so, I tried and stick with pieces that are classic and can be worn from year to year

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