Gift Guide: Children
November 11, 2020
panda crate

I have to admit, this gift guide for children might be my favorite gift guide to share! I tried to think about things that have been Logan’s absolute go-to over the past few months, as well as things on our actual list that we plan to get him for Christmas. I tried to include items at every price point, things that will last over time (like the Pottery Barn chair), toys that encourage development (Panda Crate), imaginative play, and so on. I hope you guys find this list useful and a good start. If you have any ideas, please share! Also keep in mind, Logan will be 20.5 months old at Christmas.

Gift Guide

1. Cleaning Set – We actually bought this for him for his first birthday and it was a little too soon as they kind of became a slight weapon unbeknownst to him, ha. Over the past few months though he has really taken to toy cleaning supplies and mocking what we do around the house and he has loved using this set!

2. Dyson Toy Vacuum – Kind of goes with the above, but Logan is fascinated when we vacuum and loves the kid size one at his grandparents, so this made the cut for a gift this year.

3. Set of Cars – Our friend recommended these cars and after Logan continued to swipe his from his stroller we got him his own set. Super affordable and provides lots of entertainment. He liked to “park his cars” in the garage (aka under his high chair).

4. Starry Night Light Projector – You have seen me share this a bunch on Stories and honestly this is a hit for any age and grows with them. I have had so many of you DM me saying your 5, 6, 7 year olds still love this thing! My parents have one at their house and that’s when Logan first fell in love. I have to admit, while he is in the wiggly diaper change phase, this makes it so much easier as we turn off the lights and he projects the stars onto the ceiling and looks for the moon while changing the music.

5. Scooter – We are finally caving into this as Logan like to try and snag and ride all the scooters at the park. This one is for real beginners, but I think there is a brand called Micro for when they are a bit older that I see everywhere. We are getting him a helmet to go along with this as well.

6. PB Anywhere Chair – THE BEST MONEY I’VE EVER SPENT!! Honestly though. I invested in this chair after noticing that he would take books and go to Hadley’s dog bed, or try and sit on a little ledge to read. I thought to myself, hmm he needs a chair his size. He uses this chair all day every day. You can wash the slip cover and also get it monogrammed. Another thing you all have said lasts forever and your older kids still use.

7. Sam’s Burger Book – Okay, so I grew up with these “Sam” books and they are my favorite!! Sam’s Sandwich is the original, I bought a copy for Logan awhile back, but now it is impossible to find. I saw this burger book hit the shelves and immediately ordered. If you aren’t familiar with the series, Sam basically sneaks bugs into his sister’s sandwich and each page unfold a layer of the sandwich and you find the bugs and read all about it. If you read the book it makes more sense, but such a fun read and one I remember vividly from growing up.

8. Personalized Apron – Logan is very into play kitchen sets and helping me in the kitchen. We actually got this exact apron for our nephew last year which was a big hit, so I thought getting Logan his own would be cute as well. You can choose all different apron patterns/colors.

9. Shopping Cart – Just another item Logan has been loving at his grandparents, so I thought I would add here. Anything he can push around and put items inside and take out is a hit.

10. LL Bean tote – One of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Matt, Logan and I use ours all the time and they withstand time. So many different size options, handle length, zipper closure or not, colors and personalizations. You can give this gift itself or fill with a few fun items as well. The bags range from $25 – $40 plus $8 for monogramming.

11. Play Dough Construction Set – Parts of this would be too little for Logan, or I would really have to supervise (he still sticks everything in his mouth), but I think it is adorable! Great idea for my nephew who is 4.

12. Panda Crate – You guys know we love our Panda Crate!! I always say a subscription would make the perfect gift. You can still use code: STYLEDBY for 50% off your first box too. They are packed with developmentally appropriate activities for kids (0-24m) and then Kiwi Co also offers monthly crates for kids, teens, and even adults! All are bi-monthly boxes jam packed with activities and learning opportunities.

13. The Dough Project – LOVE this, it is homemade dough that is also edible so you don’t have to worry if they stick a piece in their mouth. All the colors are fun too.

14. Music Instruments – Whenever I show Logan at music class I get questions on his instrument set, so I thought I would link one up here!

15. Kitchen Helper Stool – Another splurge, but you will use this over and over again. I kept waiting to pull the trigger, but so many friends said it was the best thing they ever invested in and I can now agree. This one basically comes built (you just add on the feet), folds up (hello apartment living) and has a non-slip mat. I love getting Logan involved in the kitchen or even setting him up with an activity while I cook and this allows everyone to be content and happy.

16. 574 New Balance Sneakers – Our favorite sneakers that I keep buying over and over as his feet grow. He is currently a size 5, they come in 3 colors and are so easy to get on and off.

17. Play Kitchen Sink – Have heard nothing but great things about this and is currently on our list for Logan this year.

18. Play Dough Ice Cream Set – Same as the tractor set above, but thought could be a cute boy or girl option!

19. Play Kitchen – I so desperately want to order one for Logan, but just need to configure some things in our apartment first to make some space. If you have the space I think play kitchens are such a great gift idea and provide endless entertainment.

20. Spin Again – One of our favorite Fat Brain toys! So many good ones and don’t forget you can still get 15% off one item with code: SNAPSHOTS

21. Push Pedal Truck – Shared this the other day, still on sale and just had everything Logan loves in one little mobile. He has a blast with his cousin’s “cozy coupe” so decided he needs one of his own.

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