Halloween Snack Board
October 9, 2020

Making the seasons extra special now that I am a mom is so important to me. It is something my parents always did growing up and I can’t wait to continue those traditions with my own family. We all know Halloween will look a little different this year, our family is heading upstate to be with Matt’s family and the kids could all be together since we aren’t officially trick-or-treating. With that being said I wanted to think of a fun Halloween snack board for them to munch on throughout the day!

I tried to do a variety of healthy and naughty as well as things that could appeal to adults too. I am going to try and write out each step by step (honestly all simple and easy) and also list a few tips and tricks to make things a bit easier for you that I wish I did! Hope you enjoy this and grab a little inspo for the season.

Halloween Snack Board

Brownie Spiders

There are two ways you can create the base, either make brownies and use a circle cookie cutter (or a small jar, glass, etc) to cut them into the circles. Or, if you are a bit lazier like myself, buying pre-made two-bite brownies is the perfect alternative. For the legs, you want mini pretzel twists in which you will then carefully cut off the curved parts with a sharp knife (like in the picture to the left) and then you will stick them into the brownie bites as legs. For the eyes, I went the hard way and melted white chocolate, places in a ziplock bag and cut the tiniest hole and placed dots on parchment paper and popped into the freezer. I repeated this step with the milk chocolate on top once they were frozen and used a paper clip to poke and even smaller hole in the zip lock. If I planned this more in advance I would highly recommend buying these edible eyes instead and securing with a dab of melted chocolate.

Clementine Pumpkins

These clementine pumpkins are pretty self explanatory. Just peel your clementine and then I rummaged around my fridge for anything green I could use to cut into a stem. In this case it was a broccoli stalk.

Marshmallow Ghosts

You’ll want to place your marshmallow down and allow it to roll and settle into place. You then will want to push through the pretzel stick and then add your eyes with the melted chocolate.

Spider Sandwich

I used the shape of a smaller cup and pressed down into the slice of bread to get the circle shape. I then went around and finished cutting it out with a sharp knife. Cookie cutter would work great if you had on hand. I then slid my knife in between the circle and split the bread in half (cutting a top and bottom) to thin it out. You could do any sandwich you like that has a “stick” ingredient (guac, egg salad, etc.), in this case I just did hummus and then broke the pretzel sticks in half and added as legs.

Deviled Egg Bats

You want to hard boil your eggs and then split in half and scoop out the yolk. Mix yolk with avocado and spoonful of dijon mustard well and then scoop back into the eggs. The wings, ears and eyes were a bit of a pain, but you basically just keep breaking chips until they get to be the shape you need for each part.

Banana Ghost

By far the easiest! All you do is break a banana in half and then use the melted chocolate in the ziplock bag to draw eyes and a mouth.

Ghost String Cheese

Okay, this one is just as easy as the above! Just use a permanent marker and draw your ghost face on each string cheese. Just make sure to use the side that doesn’t have any writing.

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