Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
June 23, 2020

I love spending time in the kitchen. Whether I am cooking, trying out recipes, playing with new gadgets or convincing Matt to be my taste tester, I find a sense of calm when I blast some tunes and zone out for a bit. Another thing that brings me joy are kitchen gadgets that don’t just take up drawer space, but work well and actually make a difference for my time in the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Gadgets

With that being said, I asked you all if you wanted me to round up a few of my favorites and it was a big YES! I also polled you all to share your go-tos as well. I combed through the list, read reviews and added all the ones I felt would help bring some excitement to your culinary creations 😉

Beaba Baby Food Maker– The BEST purchase for Logan! Steams and blender all in one.

Citrus Squeezer– quickest and easiest gadget to squeeze lemons, limes + oranges!

Chic Wrap– Another gadget I didn’t know I needed until I discovered it during quarantine! Refillable plastic wrap dispenser. Comes in a few patterns and I have never cut pieces of plastic wrap so easily. My sister-in-law and I are officially obsessed.

Ground Meat Chopper– BEST THING EVER!

Food Masher– One of my most used gadgets for Logan. You can quickly mash things for your little ones meals (avocado, banana for banana pancakes, beans for a quick bean dip, berries for “jam” for your pb&j, etc)

Tupperware Chop n Prep Chef– Quickly chop up fruits, veggies and even cookies!

Mini Whisk– Great for whisking eggs and small portions!

Egg Slicer– Quickly slices and dices eggs into evenly sized pieces. Great if you enjoy eggs on your salad.

Bluapple– I need to try this asap! Especially with buying organic produce as it always goes bad quickly.

Cookie Scooper– This set of 3 differently sized scoopers is great for portioning out cookies, but can also be used for ice cream, muffins, meatballs, and melons.

Mini Spatulas– never knew I needed these until quarantine when I gave them a try. All I use for cooking Logan’s meals on the stove.

Zester– So many recipes these days calls for “zesting” and this does the job perfectly! Works so much better than trying to use a standard cheese grater to zest.

Garlic Press/mincer– If you prefer freshly minced garlic vs the jarred kind, this is for you. Quickly minces your fresh cloves of garlic.

Immersion Blender– Such a great tool when you need to quickly blend or puree. So much smaller and lightweight and can be placed directly into your pot or bowls.

Clip-On Strainer– makes making and draining pasta so much easier.

Crinkle Cutter– Makes slippery veggies + fruit so much easier for Logan to hold.

Vegetable Chopper– Quickly dices up your vegetables and cuts down on prep and clean up time. And no more onion tears.

Garlic Skin Remover– quickly removed all the skin of your garlic cloves.

Pre-cut Parchment Paper– baking and cooking made super easy! You just grab a sheet and your (standard size) baking sheet is instantly lined and your clean up is reduced.

Pizza Cutter– sounds standard I know, but I have never used a gadget so much for Logan’s meals! Makes cutting sandwiches, pancakes, pizza, etc for Logan so quick and easy.

Splatter Screen– If you get tired of cleaning up grease splatter from your stove this is for you!

Melon Baller– Also great for kid’s meals and making/portioning out mini muffins/cookies.

Brown Sugar Bear– helps keep brown sugar soft and soften hard brown sugar.

Frywall Splatter Guard– If you’re tired of grease splatter on your stove, but don’t like having your pan covered with a splatter screen, this is a great alternative.

Air-fryer– Pretty sure this was the most popular response and now I need one ASAP! A lot of you recommended cooking the Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi in the air fryer so if I eventually get one I will 100% be testing this out.

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