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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids
February 3, 2020
valentine's day ideas for kids

So you all know there will not be one holiday that goes by uncelebrated in this household! I have waited my entire life to do things like this for my kids and soak in every single second. I love coming up with fun, inexpensive ideas to make any holiday a little extra special and one to remember. This is something my parents did for me growing up and I can’t wait to continue the tradition with our kids.

In case you are in need of a few simple ideas, I thought I would share what I have up my sleeve for Logan for his first Valentine’s day! I snagged this adorable shirt from Carter’s and will be adding a few basic red/pink/white balloons to his high chair. He is fascinated by balloons so aside from being a cute touch, it works for entertainment purposes as well!

As far as “gifts”, Logan is so young he truly doesn’t need anything, but Matt and I love reading to him so we had fun picking up two Valentine’s Day books (here + here – we already had this one, but would make sure a great option too…one of our favorites) to wrap and give him. I also grabbed these bathtub numbers and letters as he LOVES bath time and they are only $5.

The real fun comes into play with his breakfast! I snagged this silicone heart shaped pancake mold and have been making his “banana pancakes” with it! I will list out the recipe below, super simple and easy…If you follow me on instragram, I am sure you have seen me post this a million times on Stories. I cut the pancakes into small strips for him to pick up with his fingers and eat.

valentine's day breakfast ideas
banana pancakes for babies

Valentine’s Day Items:

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