How To Pick Outfits For Family Photos
February 12, 2020

While we were in Anguilla, I convinced Matt (before our trip) to get some family photos taken, especially since we didn’t do newborn photos with Logan (biggest regret). My friend who frequents Anguilla gave us the name of a photographer that they had used and liked, so after the initial booking, I got to work on styling all our outfits.

I feel like this can be tricky, as well as a personal preference, but I thought I would share some tips and tricks for how to pick out outfits for family photos.

  1. Think of your location and then decide on a color scheme. I knew ours would be taken at our resort and on the beach, so I wanted us in neutrals, but not super matchy matchy.
  2. Start with the hardest person. In our case, this was Matt! I get it, he isn’t shooting in front of the camera every day like I am, and has more of an opinion when it comes to styled shoots and what he wants to wear. With that being said, I knew Nordstrom carries a wide variety for men and a lot of Matt’s favorite brands (Faherty + Rag & Bone). I also knew it would be easy to find something for myself if need be so we could order all at once from the same place. Once we pinned down Matt’s look, the rest (aka Logan and I) fell into place.
  3. Keep it neutral. If trying to style more than two people, my rule of thumb is to keep things neutral. This doesn’t mean everyone in jeans and a white tee, but think of all the neutral colors and what may go together: creams, ivory, white, grey, olive, denim, khaki, soft blues, etc.

We decided to do these photos shortly before our trip, so Nordstrom’s free and fast shipping was ideal. Like I said, Matt tends to be the tricky one, so it was easy to have him look through their mens section and see what direction he was thinking.

Photography by: K Sharp Photography

A big thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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