5 Things I’m Loving For The Cooler Weather
November 7, 2019

As the season starts to shift once again, I thought I would share 5 things I am loving for winter. There is no theme amongst these items, just things I have found, tried, tested out and enjoy so decided to share with you all!

1.As any color I had from this summer has officially faded, I have amped up my self tanner routine. I use these drops (body + face – I use medium/dark) and apply 4 drops in my lotion (been using this one with SPF) and apply. Before I self tan, I always make sure to exfoliate so my tan looks even and lasts longer. This Salt Glow scrub from Elemis smells incredible and has been a favorite of mine. Also makes a great gift for the holiday! They are great and gave me a 20% off their site code I can share: KK20.

2. If you have a little one and are in the market for adorable beanies, I have rounded up a few favorite finds for Logan. This one is incredibly cozy and only $12 (what he wore around Europe), we love these soft slouchy beanies and have them in light grey, charcoal and olive) and just ordered this pom pom hat which I can’t wait to get in!

3. Another Logan favorite, but I have been so excited to finally have a little babe to buy these for! My brother and I would be so excited for winter and Christmas pajamas growing up, so I was excited to start this tradition with Logan. Here are a few I have found and purchased.

4. A yummy (but somewhat healthy) comfort meal. Something about this time of year makes me really enjoy being in the kitchen cooking and baking. I discovered this Healthy Spinach + Artichoke Chicken Casserole last year and it has quickly become a favorite in our household.

5. Lounge Pants! I just picked up this pair while we were upstate and have worn them a few times already. They come in 4 colors and fall under $100. I went with the cream and a size small.

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