3 Date Night Spots On The Upper East Side
May 7, 2019
date night restaurants in nyc

Gammy (my mom, as she is known amongst her grandkids) came up for a few days this week while Matt headed back to work. It was such a nice way to make the transition for me a little easier since my ride or die partner in crime had to head back to his job. While here, she insisted that Matt and I go out for a date night, which was such a treat! I remember being told countless times by so many people to say yes and accept any and all help and offers when you are a new mom. So here we were, our first official “big night out” as parents! Needless to say we were both a little sleep deprived and debated the possibility of swapping in our date night card for a solid 8 hours of sleep (if only that were possible), but truly enjoyed the time together, even if it were spent talking about Logan 99.9% of the time.

While at first we were going to try a few restaurants downtown that have still been on our list, there was also one on the Upper East Side (Sfoglia) and we figured maybe it would be best to stay a little closer to home. It also got me thinking that I should share three date night spots on the Upper East Side with you all incase you are looking for somewhere new to try! While Matt and I love exploring all of the city, we also enjoy having a few great spots close by for the nights were feeling lazy and not wanting to trek too far.

Sfoglia – A rustic, charming and romantic Italian spot with lots of charm! This is where Matt and I went when my mom was in town and watching Logan. Their menu is seasonal and inspired by local produce, which always ends in something delicious. In my opinion, nothing beats a date night filled with homemade pasta and delicious wine! I will say though, it is a bit overpriced for what you get, but the atmosphere was perfect!

Korali Estiatorio – The decor alone transports you to the street of Greece and the food (Greek seafood) tastes as authentic as it gets! It is definitely a local favorite, we popped in here one night without a reservation, but were lucky to snag a seat at the bar. I would recommend trying and sharing a few things and make sure you leave room for desert! I was pregnant at the time, so didn’t get to enjoy the wine, but Matt kept saying their white wine (the waiter helped select) was really delicious as well.

Hedi’s House – One of our faves and such a cozy (and tiny) spot on the UES! The trick to snagging a table (there are only a handful) is to call right when they open at 5pm and add your name to the list and give a time when you would like to dine. They don’t take reservations, but this is as close as you can get to snagging a table ahead of time. They will call you back close to when you want to come in and typically you will be able to be sat. If all else fails, they have a wine bar next door which typically has live music so you can always hang out there while you wait!

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