Favorite Amazon Finds
March 6, 2019

As I just hit ‘purchase” on my daily Amazon Prime order (yes, true life, I buy something pretty much daily…anyone else guilty?!), it got me thinking that I have found some pretty awesome things over the years and thought I would share my favorite Amazon finds! There is no theme to what I am about to chat about, just things I have purchased that are a bit out of the norm, but I absolutely love and can’t live without. I think we all have a little Amazon addiction within us…I blame living in the city and the quick delivery convenience Amazon provides! I have to admit though, it makes me WAY less nervous about bringing home this little babe in April because anything I could possibly need is just one click away. Would love to hear your favorite thing to purchase on Amazon, so make sure you leave that in the comments below!

Amazon Favorites
  1. Drawer Organizers – You all know I have been nesting hard lately and organizing every nook and cranny in our apartment! These fabric drawer organizers have been such a life saver, especially in the baby’s room. They are foldable if you don’t have a use for the entire amount they come with (6) and made out of fabric.
  2. 16oz Refillable Glass Amber Bottles – One of my favorite purchases! I love getting custom decals made off of Etsy for whatever I plan to use the bottle for (see example here). My latest project for these has been in the baby’s room, I had two decals made up and plan to place baby lotion in one bottle and baby massage oil in the other. They just look way prettier when you set them out and there are a million uses for them around the house (soap being a popular option). I also have these spray bottles which I use for a homemade kitchen and window cleaner. This is also such a cute and thoughtful gift idea if looking for an easy DIY!
  3. Mini Hedgehog Dog Toy – I shared a story on Instagram Stories about Hadley’s obsession for these things and received so many DMs from you all saying you bought them when I shared and your dogs are obsessed as well! Couldn’t leave my #1 gal-pal off my Amazon favorites, so including these toys in her honor.
  4. 10 foot USB Cable – The best $17 I have ever spent on Amazon! They just don’t make standard iPhone chargers long enough and it was such a pain when I was comfy on the couch or in bed and my phone wouldn’t reach (I know, I know…this is a sad problem to have, ha). Matt and I use this one non-stop, I actually just ordered a second. Also, I was told having a long cord while in the hospital is key! Great quality and available in a few colors.
  5. SD Card Camera Reader – Keeping up with the techy devices, I also previously shared this gadget on my Instagram Stories as it is such a time life saver! I was transferring all my images from my DSLR SD Card via wifi from my camera to phone and it was taking forever. A photographer told me about this affordable gadget and I can upload hundreds of photos from my card to iPhone in a matter of SECONDS. You simply insert your SD Card, plug this into your phone and it usually automatically pops up, but you can also go into your Photos and then the Import section. Select the images you want on your phone, click “import selected” and wha-lah! Just remember to always hit “Keep” when it asks you at the end, this will keep all your images on your SD Card instead of wiping them.
  6. Beauty Blender Holder – Not sure why, but I love this little gadget. It holds your Beauty Blender, but also helps it dry out and stay in one place.
  7. 20oz Glass Tumbler – I included this tumbler in my 5 Life Hacks For A Better You post, but had to include it again here. I made the switch of ditching plastic and was on the hunt for a tumbler that held a good amount of water and ordered this tumbler to try. Matt and I are constantly grabbing these from the cabinets and refilling one all day long. I have since bought about 5 to keep on hand, they comes in 8 colors, are $10 and dishwasher safe!
  8. Wool Dryer Balls – I stopped using dryer sheets a few years ago and discovered how amazing these wool dryer balls were! You can use them alone (I toss in 2 per load) or with a few drops of your favorite essential oil!
  9. Rolling Laundry Hamper – Kicking myself for not ordering this when we first moved! Since I learned the hard way, I have now invested in two (one for our clothes and baby clothes). I am guilty of letting laundry pile up, so this has been a life saver to roll around, especially during pregnancy!
  10. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – I use this every day, primarily in the morning. I add one scoop to my coffee and it dissolves (another option is adding to a smoothie). It is known to help improve hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments.


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