What I Keep In My Everyday Bag
January 31, 2019
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While I was switching up my tote the other day, it dawned on me to write a blog post about what I keep in my everyday bag. These are items that you can find no matter what and I look at as essentials. I will give a little reasoning to why I love each thing and maybe it will inspire you all to add something new to your bag! Likewise, would love to hear what you all keep and consider must-have items, so leave that in the comment section below!

what's in my everyday bag

Clear TRUFFLE Pouch – I need to start with my favorite, I have this pouch in the small and large size and it is one of the most useful items I own. It makes keeping small objects together so easy and you can focus on just grabbing this pouch from one bag and tossing it into another. I use the larger size to keep all cords, chargers, etc. together when I travel. The uses and options are endless. This pouch makes such a great gift to give and also make sure you treat yourself! Mine are SUPER old, so my exact colors aren’t available, but they have so many pretty new shades currently.

Inside the TRUFFLE pouch – Like I mentioned above, I love to keep small, loose items inside as this pouch keeps everything together. You will always find a pen and highlighter, an extra hair tie, chapstick, hand cream, essential oils roller and not pictured (saved you the sight)…my Invisalign case, #keepinitreal.

GoMacro Bar – You will always find a bar in my bag because pre-pregnancy and currently, this girl can get hangry! This bar is my favorite (even better when cold in the fridge), doesn’t have a bunch of added ingredients and keep your full. The Sunflower Butter Chocolate is my number one pick! You can find these bars at local groceries, or I usually buy a 12 pack online from Amazon.

My Glasses – Just the other day I mentioned to Matt that I need to order a second or even third pair so I can keep one at my desk/at home, one in my bag and one in our car (my vision is the worst at night driving). My glasses (linked) are from Warby Parker, so only $95 which makes ordering an extra pair doable AND I just discovered that for an extra $50 you can add in a Blue Light Blocker filter…done and done! I told Matt he needs to order a new pair too and add this in as he works at the computer all day long.

Keys – Obviously! This one is a no brainer, but I love this little key ring I found by one of my favorite jewelry brands (I have a bunch of their bracelets). Just a simple, classic piece that also comes in silver.

Phone – Also a no brainer, but lately I have been receiving a bunch of questions about my phone case. Linking it up here for you all. If you’re interested in getting a case for your phone, why not go personalize one with a photo of your choosing with custom phone cases.

Notebook – I am a bit of a notebook junkie, I live off of my daily to-do lists, grocery lists and it is my BFF when I travel so I can write down what I am doing and where we are going so I wont forget it and it makes it easier when writing my blog posts for you guys! It is something I always have on me and keep in my bag. I usually find cute ones at Marshalls/TJ Maxx for under $5.

Credit Card Case – Literally the best thing I ever bought. I haven’t used my big, bulky wallet is over two years (except on rare occasions). While I decided to invest a bit in this one in particular, there are so many great options out there at various price points! I just love that it is lightweight, can fit in my coat pocket when I don’t want to drag a bag along and can also fit in my smaller bags I typically take out at night. Here are a few options: Under $25 // Under $50 // Under $100 // Splurge

Portable Charger – Sad, but true…the social media crazed world we live in, we are constantly on our phones, which means they typically don’t make it throughout the day. I try and have a portable charger in my bag at all times. The tricky part is remembering to re-charge in once it dies!

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Outfit Details:

Cardigan // Bralette // Denim (non-maternity here) // Smoking Slippers (4 colors) // Tote // Cuff Bracelet // Initial Necklace // Charm Necklace

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