The Day Glove Flat
April 24, 2018

Central park bike Ride

Living in the city, I have found it extremely easy to stay active and on the go. Whether I am walking Hadley, running errands, or biking in Central Park, there are so many ways to stay active with my daily schedule. With that being said, comfort needs to play a key role when I am getting dressed in the morning. Everlane recently launch a new shoe, The Day Glove and not only does it come in multiple adorable colors, this shoe is made for all day comfort (and style).

Their motto for this new flat is that “it is a shoe that fits like a glove – and hustles all damn day.” What I also love about this shoe is that is it super versatile. While I choose to pair it with a striped tee, utility jacket and denim, you could also toss on a spring dress and head out the door. The Day Glove saves me from having to pack an extra set of shoes (true story) incase my feet need a break midway through the day.

If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and rent a bike to cruise around Central Park! Matt and I typically do a lot of walking through the park with Hadley, but when we can, it is fun to rent bikes and really explore. The park is huge and you often forget all the great places that lay inside. Early morning is always the quietest time where you wont be bumping into tons of tourists or pedestrians. There are a few coffee stands within the park as well, my favorite being LPQ by the sailboat pond so you can pull over and enjoy a cup of coffee with the beauty of the park around you. Spring really is one of the best times in the city!

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Photography by: Prêt-à-Provost

Utility Jacket (3 colors) // Striped Tee (3 colors) // Denim, similar // The Day Glove Flat (6 colors)

A big thanks to Everlane for partnering on this post!

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