August 18, 2017

Urban Outfitters

I always say that just a few small changes can really bring your space back to life without completely re-doing everything. I am a big advocate, as many of you may know, for swapping things out and switching things up from season to season. This way you don’t have to technically get rid of anything and start fresh, but just move things around to create a new look. Pick up a few new pillows and small items here and there, usually will do the trick. After a few months, you can easily swap your original pieces back in and continue the cycle to keep everything refreshed!

Since moving, our bedroom has been one of my favorite rooms to decorate. Matt is easy going and pretty much let’s me design how I want, and I have had so much fun and inspiration doing it. With that being said, I have a bit of a pillow addiction and am constantly finding new ones to add to our space. Hadley is a fan of anything soft and cozy, so you can typically find her nestled up against a fuzzy pillow or cuddled up on a blanket.

Urban Outfitters Home has been my go-to for pillows lately. You can see the ones I added to our living room for spring/summer in this post. Their “No Bad Days” one caught my eye and I thought it was the perfect pillow to look at each morning to start the day with, so I added it to our bed.

Besides swapping pillows and throws, I love picking up new candles and lately have been obsessed with creating terrariums to add a bit of feng shui! It is small touches like these that make your space a bit more personal and inviting!



Urban Outfitters Home

Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Refurbished Cool Cam Polaroid 600 Instant Camera

Faux Fur Pillow


No Bad Days Pillow

 Daily Planner c/o // Velvet Pillow c/o  // Faux Fur Pillow c/o // Polaroid Camera c/o // Terrarium c/o // Comforter // Bed // Lamp // Frames // Jute Rug // Oushak Rug // Night Stand

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