March 17, 2017

With having just been away to Naples, and a few more trips coming up, I thought it would be fun to write a post on my top 10 vacation essentials. My hope is to help make things easier for you when packing for a warm weather getaway and share a few must have items for any trip! Happy Friday, everyone!

Vacation Essentials

  1. Cosmetic Kit – It may sound silly, but I am obsessed with cosmetic bags, especially for travel. I have three different ones: make-up, hair related products and my general toiletry bag. Having everything grouped together in one place makes things super easy. Two of the bags I keep stocked and ready at all times so I can literally grab and go (hair related products + general toiletry bag). Also make sure to check out their other travel items, how cute is this passport cover!?
  2. Sandals (walkable sandals) – This is key for any trip you take, the last thing you want when you are out exploring is to have painful shoes. This happened to me a few years ago when Matt and I were abroad and I kid you not we wasted a good chunk of the day trying to then find a store that sold comfy shoes/flip flops. Sole Society carries some of my favorite sandals for travel that are cute, comfortable and go with everything!
  3. Strapless Bra – I know I know, it may seem crazy to list this out, but the amount of times I have gone to a tropical destination where I packed countless off the shoulder tops and dresses to only realize I forgot a strapless bra and had to use a bikini top (resourceful) is pathetic. ThidLove makes one of my favorite strapless bras (they have 1/2 sizes) and I am a true believe that you really only need one in nude and you are good to go.
  4. Fun Earrings – You are on vacation, it is time to relax and unwind and have some fun. While I am guilty of keeping things plain and simple with a small diamond earring everyday, when on vacation I love to add a pop of color and texture to my look with this accessory. How cute are these tassel ones from Bloomingdales?!
  5. Cut-off Denim Shorts – Probably my all time favorite piece to pack. I wore this pair daily when in Naples. Brunch, beach out of the town you name it! While on the more expensive side for denim shorts, I think it is totally worth it. I find this brand to run TTS, although they do stretch out a little bit.
  6. Denim Jacket – This is a easy piece to pack (or wear on the flight) and great to have on hand. If it cools down at night or in a restaurant it is one item that virtually goes with anything and great to have on hand.
  7. Mini Steamer – The best $20 I have ever spent. I am a bit OCD when it comes to wrinkles and when you are packing things in a suitcase, clothes tend to always wrinkle, even with the “roll your clothes” trick. I bring this steamer everywhere and steam everything. Just be aware, when you travel abroad double check the wattage, I have busted a few of these unknowingly and had to resort to an iron (GASP!).
  8. Sky Roam – A small, extremely powerful wifi hotspot that allows you to hook up to 5 devices. The base cost is $99 and then it is only $5 (I believe) per every 24hr period of use. The best gadget for wifi on the go while traveling!
  9. Bralette – The best thing I ever did was start wearing bralettes on flights. They are super comfy, nothing digs into you, and look super cute under a tank or tee. There are so many styles I love, but recently picked up this one and it may be one of my all-time favorites.
  10. Cult Gaia Ark Bag – Okay, Okay I know everyone has this bag, but everyone has this bag for a reason! It is literally the only bag (minus my travel bag) that I bring on vacation. It goes with every single item I pack and I don’t have to worry about swapping bags and taking up tons of room in my suitcase. It comes in two sizes, I have (and prefer) the small. When I travel I make sure to place it in the sturdy box it comes in and I like to place it in my carry on for extra protection.

Top 10 Vacation Essentials:

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