March 6, 2017 app

Happy Monday, everyone! I am so excited to share with you all the details behind the new app, which just launched today and can be downloaded now in the app store. If you follow me on instagram, you are likley familiar with It allows you to shop my outfits on instagram by “liking” my photo and receiving an e-mail with ready to shop details. With the new app, it will be even easier to get outfit details and direct links across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram,  Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Pinterest, just by taking a screenshot. You can find all details and step by step instructions below! Just remember, if you see a little heart on the bottom right of my photo, that means you are able to take a screen shot and get the details immediately. You can still “like” my photo and receive the ready to shop details in your email if that is what you prefer! Let me know if you all have any questions and enjoy! app

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