September 20, 2016

Table Talk Tuesday: Matt’s 30th, A simplified planner, Abercrombie’s comeback, Whole 30 + a new face mask.

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Getting Personal: While this is a little bit over due (his birthday was the beginning of August), I somehow managed to pull off the impossible and surprise Matt for his 30th birthday! I am not just saying this because I am lucky to call him my husband, but this guy will do anything for anyone and is the most selfless person I know. He deserves the world, which is why I really wanted to pull this off. We talk about everything with each other and in addition to living in a teeny tiny apartment it is a struggle to hide anything (aka birthday and Christmas gifts you have to get REAL creative with hiding places) especially a surprise party! Needless to say, a small miracle happened and I was able to catch him totally off guard with the help of family and friends.

I choose a favorite local spot nearby that I have talked about on here before, called The Crow’s Nest. It is a stationary boat connected to the Water Club and overlooks the Long Island City + Brooklyn skyline. It is a relaxed atmosphere and oldies music fills the air. The perfect spot for a summer night and to celebrate with a spiked watermelon lemonade in hand! Needless to say, I was so nervous about pulling off the surprise and then overjoyed once he arrived, I don’t have a ton of pictures, but here are a few.

< waiting for everyone to arrive + the birthday boy himself >

outdoor bars nyc

30th surprise party

nyc birthday party bars

the crow's nest nyc

Gadget Must-have: So this one isn’t a techy gadget, but something I literally cannot live with out and am so excited to start using come January. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner quite literally simplifies your life. If you saw my Snapchat (styledsnapshots) I gave a little run through of the planner and how it is laid out. I love how chic the patterns are and how each day is broken down by the hour on one side of the page and the other half is space for a running to-do list. Seeing the times broken down throughout the day really helps me to focus and stay on track, which is something I struggle with (#easilydistracted). I bought the stretchy bands which are sold separately to help keep the pages separated and the planner open to the exact day. I am OCD about my planners and staying organized so welcome any and all questions you may have!

emily ley simplified planner emily ley simplified planner emily ley simplified planner

Steal of the Day: If you have been following along on my Instagram you may have noticed I have been going sweater crazy! This transition period between seasons is hands down my favorite. Over the past month or so I have re-discovered a brand from my middle and high-school past and have become OBSESSED with almost everything on their site. You may have guessed it, but Abercrombie has recently been rebranded and literally KILLIN’ IT!! So many of my sweaters you have commented on have been from there, their prices are affordable and they have site wide sales all the time. Listing out a few of my current faves below.

abercrombie fleece

Recipe I’m Loving: With all the traveling I have been up to lately, it is much harder to stay on track with eating healthy and working out. Now that I am home for awhile I want to use this time to put my health first and focus on eating clean again. I have contemplated for some time to start Whole 30 and have been playing around with some recipes (thank you Pinterest). I am a sweet potato junkie and could eat them everyday, so had to try out this this recipe (sweet potato bites with bacon and avocado) which was delicious. If you all have done or are doing Whole 30 please leave any recipe links or Pinterest board links below! I would love more ideas on what to make and a larger variety of options. Also, please let me know your thoughts on Whole 30 in general. Thanks!


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Product Discovery: Yesterday I had the opportunity to head down to the Bliss Spa in SoHo and try out their new mask a-peel radiance revealing vitamin c mask during a facial. After each summer comes to an end, I always try and schedule a facial to help with the dryness of my skin from the summer heat and make at-home masks a priority at least once a week. My facial ended with this new “mask a-peel”, which left my skin moisturized and healthy which is just what I needed. You have heard me talk about masks and taking care of your skin in general, especially with seasons changing and during travel. My favorite feature about this mask is that is it super easy to travel with and starts in a powder form. You simply just mix with water, apply to your neck and face and wait 15-20 minutes and it comes off in one peel. So simple!

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