August 18, 2016

Travel Guide: Korcula, Croatia

Length of Stay: 1 Night

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After a slight hiatus with these travel posts, I am back at it with the final two destinations we visited while in Croatia (Korcula today + ending with Dubrovnik tomorrow). You will see that under length of stay, this is the one place that we only stayed for the night. We heard from multiple people before our trip that you can truly see and do it all within 24 hours and we found this to be accurate. Once again, we took the ferry from Hvar and arrived in Korcula about one hour later. A quick and simple way to travel as mentioned before.

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korcula croatia

beaches on korcula

korcula beaches

korcula croatia


Hotel Korcula – The placement of this hotel could not have been any more perfect. Upon arrival form the ferry, we were literally steps away from our hotel as well as in  the heart of town. The hotel was beautiful, it had a large outdoor eating area and overlooked the water. If you turn right out of the hotel and walk up the hill you come across a huge line of restaurants which is also the main night life scene (other Korcula is not really known for its nightlife). If you turn left out of the hotel, you will walk towards a small pebble beach as well as the center of town.

hotel korcula

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travel guide korcula

< Our hotel is along that front line of buildings you can see >


As mentioned before, you really only need one full day in Korcula. Matt and I covered the town within two hours and we ended up spending a lot of our day relaxing by the water.  This is definitely an island where you come to unwind.

korcula croatia

korcula beaches

pug swimming

Views from the beaches we went to >


Town – Walk through the town and explore the streets and pop in and out of the local shops.

Beaches – Matt and I spent a good chunk of time walking past the harbor on the other side of our hotel and setting up camp on some rocks at the beach.  As I’ve mentioned, there are not many sand beaches in Croatia, generally rocky or pebble beaches, so setting up camp on a large rock is very much a way of life here.  We also learned that you can just dive in the water pretty much anywhere; even in the middle of town, people would just jump in to cool down.  The view from this beach was stunning, overlooking miles and miles of water and ships passing by and the mainland off in the distance.

Massimo Cocktail Bar – This is an old fortress that has turned into a bar. Such a cool experience and a must for grabbing a drink and watching the sunset. You climb up a steep ladder in to the tower to get to the top where you can sit and have a drink and watch the beautiful sunset. The way they get your drinks to the top is through a pully/basket system attached to the outside of the tower (because it would be impossible to do drink service up the steep ladder otherwise).

Restaurants – There is a large strip of restaurants (that actually is just beyond Massimo) along the water. I would recommend eating most, if not all, meals at these different spots. We had breakfast upon arrival, hit up a pizza spot mid day for lunch and then back to try another spot for dinner. In the evening they are bustling and the place you want to be. At the opposite end of the street from our hotel there was live music outside, which was fun to sit and listen to after our dinner.

< Walking through town >

home to marco polo

korcula fortress


town of korcula

<Beaches >

travel guide croatia

korcula croatia

eberjey cover-up

korcula croatia

yacht week croatia

< Massimo Cocktail Bar >

massimo cocktail bar

best cakes in korcula

massimo bar

massimo korcula

massimo bar croatia

< Restaurants >

breakfast in korcula

where to eat in korculablue midi dress

Parker Alana Eyelet-Lace Dress

Parker Alana Eyelet-Lace Dress

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